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I previously wrote about the power of creation. We have the ability to manifest our goals, desires, purposes and passions. Along with this power comes the responsibility to wield it properly. We must take responsibility of our own creations, our manifestations and our gifts. God, the Creator, the Universe takes responsibility for His creations, us, His children. We are His responsibility. He provides and nurtures us daily, everything from the air we breathe to the building materials for our home to live, sleep and eat in.

Hillis Pugh > Thank You Thursday: Voice of Consciousness

The voice of consciousness is more than our intuition or the little voice in our head keeping us out of trouble. It is also the source of the knowledge in which our path, creative and divine energy comes from.

Being committed is taking a stand for the choices made. The life we live is all by choice, and unfolds through divine planning; a planning we partake in and have the final say in how our life is to be. When there is something not going according to the life plan, we then know it was not our choice. How do we know, we can feel, sense when our life is proceeding as it should; though there are moments we sense or feel are a bit difficult, those are the lessons we chose to learn.

Yes loving frustration. We all know what frustration is, when we are fed up with a situation, yet remain very hopeful. The hopeful aspect is what makes it loving. Last week I read an entry from one of my favorite Spirits, Kryon.

Usually, when we think of rituals, we think of a rite of passage. A rite of passage is a form of ritual, but more formal, where we recognize one's reaching a milestone in their life. 

On this special day, Thanksgiving, not only be thankful for things past, but have gratitude for what is to come. Have joy in all things!

Hillis Pugh > Feel Good Friday

What makes you feel good? Is it the end of a work week, pay day, or imaging doing something you love? In any case, feeling good is the quickest way to manifest you desires, with ease and grace.

There is a hairline difference between the three. Talent is an ability that is learned. Gift is something offered to be of service. Faculty is an innate or intuitive ability. As a collective we interchange these terms, thinking they mean the same thing. The difference is in the function or capacity in the use. All three forms of abilities come from us; they arise at different levels in our own awareness.

Blessings to most of us come as a surprise. Blessings are prayers, wishes and fore thoughts coming to manifestation, though some are forgotten, hence the surprise. Some blessings are very obvious and hidden in plain sight, such as material possessions and things we can use any of our five senses for. Other blessings are not so obvious, these are the ones we can't see, but because of our sixth sense we know it's there.

We all have relationships with our family, friends, colleagues, pets, spouses, potential mates, God and more. All these relationships fill a necessary part of our life, yet have varying degrees of love or any other emotion tied to the person, people or being involved. At some capacity these relationships is a reflection of our personality. Each person or being reflects a portion of who we are at the time in our life, while developing and learning more about ourselves.

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