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Counter energies is energy countering intention, however this energy is not always present. It is my personal belief now, that there are no good, bad, positive, or negative energies. There just "is" or intention. Example, if you are fulfilling your purpose and someone or something comes along to steer you in the opposite direction, it's the universal counter energy to prevent you from fulfilling your purpose or even being in a loving relationship.

We know power of healing and strength is builds over time. With time this knowledge is gained to understand such a great gift of healing. Yes we all get hurt at one point or another, physically, mentally and emotionally. The natural progression of healing takes place after any form of injury. The real healing begins when we take notice of the healing process.

Simple put energy is life. Energy is the life force aiding us to create the world we choose, the people we attract, the situations that transpire and lot more. Many people feel like they can't control the energy around or in them. We all can control it. The control is done on an unconscious level or consciously through prayer and meditation.

Be thankful this day for friendship.

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