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We know power of healing and strength is builds over time. With time this knowledge is gained to understand such a great gift of healing. Yes we all get hurt at one point or another, physically, mentally and emotionally. The natural progression of healing takes place after any form of injury. The real healing begins when we take notice of the healing process.

Receiving is more than just taking an object, whether it's physical or spiritual. As a culture, we take all the time with out knowing it. Example if someone gives us a paycheck, (any form of currency) or a gift or even their heart, the object is taken with no emotional attachment. Receiving is different from taking; receiving is filled with gratitude and/or joy

I know we have all heard the term emotional rollercoaster. There are times in all our lives' were we feel lost, confused and frustrated. These emotions can count for numerous things or events in our lives'. It can be a situation that enveloped our life and not allowing us to see what is truly in front of us. This distorted reality of life causes a chain of events that leads to the lost and confused emotional states.

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