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We call your attention to the Collective Self at this time, when it is naturally a season of giving and receiving more. As your internal and external flow increases, your intentions amplify as well.

Jamye Price > Gratitude Isn’t Just a Platitude

I had a funny experience with gratitude. One day I decided that I wanted to flow gratitude to my (non-physical) Guides—just a moment of deep appreciation for them. As I did that, I started feeling so much Love flowing to me that it was beginning to overwhelm me. I actually said to them, “Hey! I’m sending you gratitude!”

Jamye Price > November 2022 Ascension Energies – Time

When you are open to the flow of possibility within Time, you are resonant with your higher-frequency self, the Connected Self. This entrains you to the laws of the subtle realm and opens Time’s gifts of flow within you.

Jamye Price > October 2022 Ascension Energies – Connected Self

When you are a Connected Self, the inner and the outer flow are empowered. You reside within a connected collective of Life. Your Connection is Life’s Connection.

This is such an interesting time. We're entering the month of the Equinox and completing a quarter of foundation-building to support our Creative Harmonic. 

Jamye Price > Lion’s Gate Energies

The energies that we are within are pushing and pulling our willingness to relax into evolution. As our ancient memories integrate into the now, the opportunities to change or stay the same show us a path.

Jamye Price > August 2022 Ascension Energies – Conscious Choice

Blessed Creative Being, your unique choices offer a path of creation for Life to flow. Controlling that flow is open to you, within reason. This controls the physical for a time...

Jamye Price > July 2022 Ascension Energies – Beingness

To Be is the only answer. The questions merely serve to distract the self from the Self. Any outward focus is the reflection of the mirror calling you inward.

As the fulcrum of Time tips, the pyramid shows its power to adjust the direction of life. You are the geometries of creation. Shape reshaping. Co-creation is the fine print of creating your reality.

It is for the neutral eye to see the fleeting potentials and give awareness to the magic facets singing silent songs. Just as the Eye of Ra lights plants to flower, so too does your Awareness give the formless power.


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