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Jennifer Hoffman > September 2023 Energy Report

This is the beginning of the season that I truly enjoy with its cooler temperatures during the day and especially at night, as the leaves change color and the sky turns that brilliant blue that you only see at this time of the year...

It’s a new month and a new energetic paradigm and I am going to call June the ‘lucky month’ because I feel that we are going to be blessed more and stressed less this month.

June brings many new potentials and opportunities to transition into even higher frequencies, make course corrections, set new energy boundaries, and get clear on our next steps. 

Jennifer Hoffman > August 2023 Energy Report

It’s a new month and another new vibe but this one is different from what we have been experiencing – it is a lot more purposeful and intentional, not quite as random with the downloads and shifts...

Jennifer Hoffman > March 2022 Energy Report

Welcome to March!  I am seeing signs of spring here and that is a welcome change from the cold of winter. Everything blooms now, and we can too. It has been a tough few years and the tide is turning.

Jennifer Hoffman > 5 Steps of Creative Manifestation

We are creative beings, uniquely gifted with the ability to create matter from energy. This is not an insignificant attribute, it is how we create the reality we live in and yet it is something we generally ignore, take for granted, or do not use. 

It’s a new month and a whole new vibe. Don’t let July’s many retrogrades fool you into thinking it’s going to be a slow month. It isn’t. This is another action packed, full month with a few twists that include more revelations and truth bombs, calls to action..

Jennifer Hoffman > December 2021 Energy Report

December presents a buffet of opportunities for resolution, restitution, and reconsideration. As with all buffets, we won’t like or want everything that is presented to us.

Jennifer Hoffman > September 2021 Energy Report

Well, here we are in the ninth month of the year. Are you tired of the drama yet? If we had not imagined what being a warrior for the light entailed, we are certainly getting an education about it now.

Jennifer Hoffman > August 2020 Energy Report

I’m glad to see July end, are you? It was a tough month and we didn’t even have the familiarity of our routines and normal activities to help us stay grounded and balanced, to anchor our energies in a familiar comfort zone. 

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