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Jennifer Hoffman > 5 Steps of Creative Manifestation

We are creative beings, uniquely gifted with the ability to create matter from energy. This is not an insignificant attribute, it is how we create the reality we live in and yet it is something we generally ignore, take for granted, or do not use. 

Buckle up and hang on tight because we are entering a period of intense activity that is a mixed bag of energies, transformation, potentials, and truth. You may want to take some time to rest...

Jennifer Hoffman > September 2022 Energy Report

The month of September is a relief from the relentless energies of June through August and it’s a chance for us to regather, regroup, refresh, reconsider, renew, release, re-vibe, and re-vision...

Jennifer Hoffman > November 2020 Energy Report

This year has been a game changer in many ways and in November we get our power back so we can move ahead and start creating from the pool of new potentials that has been uncovered with all of the work we did in October. 

Jennifer Hoffman > July 2022 Energy Report

Welcome to July and a new month that is a relief from the strong 6 signature of June during which we had 3 days whose date numerology was 6-6-6. That brought the density of 3D front and center so we could be prepared for the end of June new moon.

Jennifer Hoffman > January 2023 Energy Report

Well here we are in the second week of January and things are moving right along. Have you noticed how much is happening in the world right now? Everywhere you turn there is another level of 3D dis-integration and chaos...

Jennifer Hoffman > November 2022 Energy Report

If you’re feeling displaced, ungrounded, and untethered it will pass once we get through the eclipse period that ends with the November 8 eclipse. Until then, we’re going through a remarkable shift of epic proportions and it’s going to shake things up.

Jennifer Hoffman > February 2023 Energy Report

When you think of February you think of Valentine’s day and that is the main focus of the month. It’s typically the month in which our thoughts are on love, romance, and relationships whether...

Happy new year! I’m glad that 2021 is over, are you? We’re not out of the challenges yet but we are making progress and I think we’ll see that happening as the year progresses.

Jennifer Hoffman > May 2022 Energy Report

Well, we have gotten through the month of April with all of its big energy events and now we’re in the month of May. We have a new vibe, a new imperative, and a Mercury retro that is going to help us make powerful choices regarding our karmic connections.

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