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Just as we were acclimating to the huge shifts of June, there is the Seventh Gateway of the year tomorrow, July 11. The energies of June were central to releasing, healing and reconstruction. Patterns that have been hidden or deeply set were revealed; acceptance of challenge (rather than the usual resistance), honoring our truer Integrity; i.e. being true to ourselves; and strengthening our New Self, have all been key in June.

June certainly has been huge for shifting, hasn’t it? Now with the third eclipse and culmination of a huge energetic month, we put the final touches on this phase of regeneration, recalibration and upgrade. This is vital, as it prepares us for the rest of the year and on into 2012. It is like we’ve been catapulted at mach speed forward in our Ascension, and I’m pretty sure most of you definitely have felt this.

We have been in a major preparation time, leading us up to and through the Sixth Gateway on the Summer Solstice. The first half of this year we have been busy reorganizing, recalibrating and releasing the old programs, beliefs and energies of 3-D life. June especially has been intense in the releasing part, enhanced by the first two eclipses and solar flares that truly amped up the release of the “old.” So much has been up for us to release and upgrade in these first few weeks of June.

~As I write this (yesterday), my physical body is already feeling the effects of the power of this second eclipse/Full Moon preparing for the Sixth Gateway on the Solstice. My lower chakras have been further recalibrated and aligned and I have a Pineal Gland/Third Eye “headache.” I also feel very out-of-body. Do you notice any physical manifestations in preparation for the powerful eclipse?~

On the Summer Solstice we will be entering the 6th Gateway, if we are guided or choose to. From what I am being told, this is a huge leap in our Transition and more anchoring of the 5th Dimension...upon the Earth and as crystalline Beings of Light. I have been guided to convey to you; those of you who have been entering the Gateways consciously, that this Gateway requires some preparation, which I will explain in a bit.

The month of May has brought many changes, and yet, as we now inhabit the 5D New World consciousness (and are beginning to move up dimensionally), the energies coming in have been more gentle without as much of the physical manifestations as in the past. It seems our egos have relaxed a bit and are joining our Souls as One more each day.

This Ascension Note will be entirely focused on the Fifth Gateway. And to begin with, I’d like to share something on what Gateways are from my friend, Monserrat...“For me the Gateways are actual energy portals that we pass through. As evolutionary beings, we periodically pass through Gateways, and when we do, somehow we "jump" or "fast forward," instead of keep going with time as we know it.

Especially since the Spring Equinox, we have experienced a huge leap forward, which has brought much more Light into us, along with the revealing of dark energies. The dark has come in the form of old energies/illusions, dark people, and the release of much chaos. It is not to say that “dark” is a judgment; it simply is old energies that are flying around, like pesky flies, for they have nothing to attach to. 

As I have shared many times before, the Full and New Moons, along with Equinoxes and Solstices, are auspicious times of upgrading our bodies with rays of Infinite light. On this particular Full Moon (7:44p.m. MST), our New relationships are especially activated with Sacred Agape Love. This is enhanced by powerful solar see the higher purpose and synchronicity of this? Solar=male; lunar: female. And so on this day, there is great balance within our higher, more evolved spiritual male and female energies.

The 4th Gateway brings profound changes in our brain, upgrading the electromagnetic currents running through it. Some physical manifestations may be headaches, blurry vision (fuzzy eyes), earaches and ringing in the ears, along with some heart palpitations and/or pounding. Many have been experiencing these manifestations already.

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