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I am amazed at how many big changes people are going through now, especially since the Equinox. Yes, we really have hit a whole new plateau of the New Consciousness. There is more clarity, where there was little before. The veils are gone and so all we have to do is ask for clarity on a particular situation, and the energy of it opens up and spills on us like a waterfall of free-flowing Grace.

As you may have heard, the Full Moon of today is the most powerful in many years. As it coincides with the Vernal Equinox, it is indeed a time of huge expansion. Many have felt the energies shift since Thursday, as it is time to receive a new Blueprint and open the Third Gateway of the year. This Gateway is the Lemurian Gateway and we are being called to bless the waters within us and around the world.

On this day of the much spoken about Ninth Wave, I want to begin by saying that by labeling anything keeps the energy of that event in 3D. It holds the energy in a particular box. This goes with anything we label, including the word Ascension. By tapping instead into the energy, we free it to expand more into a new consciousness.

What an amazing shift is happening throughout the world! As we view compassionately others and ourselves, there is no doubt that much is crumbling. This is all part of the Great Shift, for we cannot go forward till we release the old baggage. Our old stories must go too. Begin anew, think big, be more (not do more). This is not a time to try and hold onto perceived security or save anything/anyone.

This Friday, February 11, there will be the 2nd Gateway opening of this year; the first was the eclipse of January 4. This is just of this year, as other Gateways have been opened before 2011. This one is a huge wave of Grace Awakening. As I have shared before, this year is one after the other of energy downloads that is greatly shifting our consciousness from one of duality and lack to one of Divinity and Wholeness. 

I imagine that many of us have been clearing more of our old shadow-selves in the past two weeks; since the eclipse of January 4. At the same time, we also have been placed more in our feeling centers; that of the Heart and Soul. We have reached that place in which more attention is placed on the New, more than that of the old, whereas in the past few years, we have placed a lot of attention on what old was up for release.

As I write/channel, it is a little past 11 a.m. I am feeling an onrush of energy around my Solar Plexus and Heart. The energy is so big that it feels a bit like anxiety, and yet I know it is not anxiety…for that is an old term that we oftentimes lump everything into that feels bigger than ourselves; to categorize anything that is New within (categorizing is a 3D activity).

We have passed through another portal...there has been a continual upgrade; an integration of our Lightbodies into our mental/emotional and physical bodies since the Winter Solstice. This upgrade affects all areas of our lives, placing us in an entirely different experience of life. There is a continual inflow of golden threads of Source Light bringing even more awareness.

Here we are again...lined up with the Galactic Sun (Source), as we were 26,000 years ago. Many of us were there then Atlantis and Lemuria (Mu). This time we are much more aware and conscious, so our success is ensured...for ascension. With the Light that so many are embracing during the Solstice/Full Moon/Equinox, this is a huge leap forward in leaving behind the duality and pain of the 3rd Dimension.

Kara Schallock > 12:12

Since 10-10-10, we have gathered in many numbers with a sincere Heart to bring into us and out to the plethora of Life upon the planet great Light. And so, 12-12 is yet another golden portal, connecting the Great Pyramid portal with that of Australia and South America’s Peruvian Gateways, creating the Trinity. For on 12-12-10, there will be the number 33; the Christed number; a part of the Trinity...Body, Soul and Spirit. This energy then is completed on the Solstice, which is a 3; the Full Trinity.

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