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Greetings! The light is most assuredly shining upon us now, and much is being revealed and brought to the surface. With the opening of the 11:11 stargate, anything not “real” (i.e. connected to Source or embodying a higher vibration) is becoming increasingly evident. Misperceptions, the way we thought things were or “should” and had to be, and basically anything that was being kept alive and held up by lower and denser energy is being revealed and left behind. As we continue to drop situations that no longer serve us as we transition forward, we are also being asked to return to the “old” to wrap things up, and going “back there” can almost feel smothering, tortuous and gut wrenching……but when we are done….oh the freedom!
Greetings!     In this New vibrational space we are now residing in, it can, at times, feel as though we are nowhere. Like a ship bobbing along with no anchor, or perhaps feeling as though there is nothing firm to hold onto, or maybe simply a general sense of no direction or place to ground to…we may be wondering what life is really going to be like in the higher realms. If you are one who is feeling like a bobbing apple in a tub, or floating about in a limbo land, it is simply because you have successfully dis-connected from the old world or lower vibrating reality and are now residing elsewhere.


Mission accomplished. And what a mission it was! Whether you were consciously aware of it or not, we have been busy purging, releasing, and re-aligning for the next platform of reality for the past several weeks, and we are finally done.

Greetings! We may be feeling darkness now, but only because it is up and on its way out. Everything, as always, is in divine right order. As the higher vibration of the light continues to permeate our beingness, much is being exposed and revealed. The energetic foundation of the planet and all life upon her, moved into completion to accept the light in June. November brought it in through the Concordance and now we are experiencing the effects of its integration. Like a detective with a magnifying glass, every nook and cranny from the tips of our fingers to the tips of our toes, is being opened, discovered and revealed as the light is moving in. This time the process is slow and deliberate, although all pervasive, like a steady moving ocean tide, but one that will forever be out. Although arriving with its own set of energetic challenges, I am personally grateful it isn't packing the punch of the solar flares………they actually knocked my toenails off!
Greetings! December 21, 2005. The solstice. How does this particular solstice affect us at this particular time of our evolutionary process toward returning to Source? With the advent of January, 2006 very soon on the horizon, and finding ourselves in a space of wanting quiet solitude or perhaps a feeling of wanting to stay “in” and at home while we are integrating and readying for the next phenomenal year, the solstice, then, greatly supports these feelings and experiences. And being in the temporary “stand still” energy, we may also feel confused with no direction as yet…….as if much has “stopped”. Quite some conflicting energies when combined with the hectic and busy energies of the holidays.

Today brought in another wave of higher energy, and along with it more beautiful manifestations and experiences. Heart palpitations and symptoms of overloaded circuits, sleepiness, and even a great sense of peace could be felt as a result of new and higher energies arriving once again. When we are experiencing a break from an energy influx, it can be easy to catapult into the lower vibrations.

Greetings! The New energies are integrating now and becoming our reality. This is an exciting time and there is much to tell. Aligning with these energies can place us in what feels like “Heaven”, and we are receiving much assistance with our own individual alignments. The past few weeks have been very intense with this integration process, as it has brought up any and all imbalances within (especially ones we thought we were done with!), and is pushing us higher and higher at what feels like catastrophic speed. For me, regaining my footing was quite a challenge, especially since there was no re –gaining, as all was New!
For over a month now, I have been unable to use my laptop. It would not allow any power to connect to it. A new battery, a new motherboard, and finally, the solution, a new power cord (apologies for the delayed energy alert this time…if you were wondering if perhaps you missed one, the last one was on March 26th . So a delay as well with Stepping Into The New Reality, but coming soon).
Greetings! Sleeping, exhaustion, fatigue, a “dead battery” and lethargy are some of the indications that one is integrating. If you end up plopping down on the couch every time you try to attempt to do something, or simply cannot get out of bed in the morning, or don't seem to want to talk to anyone or do anything, or feel simply apathetic or passionless…… may very well be in the “in between” phase of integration.
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