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Karen Bishop > The Separation of the Worlds

I have been sitting on this information for a while now, as I prefer to write about things and situations that we are currently experiencing as it gives things more meaning and understanding. My role is only to validate, and thus, keep the power within each and every one of us.

Last week my father was diagnosed with acute leukemia. Now 81 years of age, he had jumped out of an airplane on his 80th birthday, because, as he said, "I am only 80, not dead!" In the past two years (he turns 82 on August 2), he, like many of us, had become increasingly weary and tired of what life was offering ...very uncharacteristic for him.

Back in March, we had some beautiful warm weather here in New Mexico at 7,000 feet. It was if winter had decided to be short and brief, and the sun was out early. But then, very surprisingly, we had a day of snow! And then a warm few days, and then some days in the 30’s, and then a snowy day, and then a warm day, and then a day of snow. It was as if the weather could not decide which way to go…a new beginning (spring), or back to winter. And this is how our new beginnings are unfolding as well. With a start, a stutter, and with sporadic instances of arrival and departure, we may wonder what in the world is going on.

Greetings!     With the higher frequencies of light now at our fingertips, much is happening, and most of it is dependent upon where you are energetically, and what you are choosing to connect to or make your priority. I love these energies, because we can manifest almost immediately. I have had so much manifesting for me, that I can barely keep up with myself. Have a casual desire, and it seems to show up within 24 hours. And the supports that are arriving for our desires are arriving at record speed and in monumental amounts. Things we have been wanting for a long time seem to suddenly be arriving. Almost as if having a magic wand or a personal genie, the supports from the higher realms cannot seem to do enough for us.
Greetings! It has come time for me to ask for twice/yearly voluntary contributions for the production of What's Up On Planet Earth? Contributing $10 (or whatever you feel guided to contribute) every six months will greatly assist in bringing you three to four time sensitive energy alerts per month, for about $1.60 per month. If you feel you have benefited from What's Up On Planet Earth? , and would like to contribute, please make your contribution through the information at the bottom of the page. Your support is deeply heartfelt and greatly appreciated!  
Greetings! March has brought in some intense energy. As if two hands are pushing, pushing on our backs, moving us forward, we are being propelled into “preparation” energy. We have integrated much of the New energy brought in by the Concordance (until the next phase!), and now we are readying ourselves and the planet for the manifestations of this integration.
Greetings! There is exciting news to share! Hold onto your hats as August will bring in some incredible and unusual energy. For the past month, I have been feeling very intense energy of "the end", no particular future for our planet, "everything has stopped", and "where are we going?". Things I had created thus far no longer fit and were of no interest to me. (I am currently in the process of buying a house and began to wonder why I was buying it!) Not much seemed to matter anymore, and I began to wonder what I was doing here. I felt it was time to go back home. It was a very strange and different energy with a sense of "finality". Here is the good news: August will bring in some very pivotal energy. The world AS WE KNOW IT will be ending. It's over. We get to go home, but home will be here. It is as if a decision has finally been made, and we will be doing an about face in a totally new direction.

Karen Bishop > The Earth Changes

Although a WINGS message was just recently posted, there are noteworthy events on the near horizon, and knowing the higher level reasons behind them before-hand, will hopefully serve to ease any stress and confusion that may result.

The beautiful energy is here at last, if ever moving in oh so slowly. Like a heavenly tonic moving into our bodies, one cell at a time, it is ever so slowly filling us up and merging us with our very new and magical Planet Earth.

With Mercury going forward once again, the final piece of our new arrival is finally in place. And with this event, we will see much more of a forward movement and a secure locking in of our very new spaces.

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