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When the solstice hit, it blew everything out of the water. Much of everything went everywhere, and when things finally landed, much was in a very new groove, and a groove that now matched the current vibration of each and every living thing on the planet. Everything ended up in its new and rightful groove, while at the same time, many souls chose to depart around this time as well. 

As more and more is becoming aligned to the higher frequencies we are now being embraced within, much movement is occurring which is creating a barrage of varied manifestations on the planet, within and without.

As all our scattered pieces begin to settle, a new picture of who and where we are, is beginning to take hold. And in addition, the new energies of this new and higher vibrating space are energies that are very unlike what we have known and experienced in the past.


Greetings! Well, January finally arrived with all its anticipation and the energies have been every which way, to say the least. What is all the turmoil, chaos and depression about? Why aren't many of us feeling oh so wonderful now that we have arrived in the higher realms? Perhaps you can't seem to get anything done as something very important to you is taking what seems like forever . Or maybe you or others around you are continually canceling or changing plans, creating a lot of instability. Or just maybe something you had in the works just very suddenly falls apart and the bottom falls out. Emotions running high? Apparent frustration? Feeling deflated, powerless, confused or acutely disappointed? Too many sudden changes? Not sure where you are? Can't get comfortable anywhere? Nothing to hold onto or nowhere to go that feels right?
Greetings! February was a month of detoxing…no question about it. Detoxing, or aligning, or adjusting, or whichever term suits you best were all very prevalent. Reaching the higher realms en masse created a time for great adjustment to a New way and to very New frequencies. Anything not in alignment with our highest selves and our highest soul purpose had the opportunity to leave, if we only chose to go this route. So then, our bodies needed to let go of older, denser energies as well. And as the pattern continues as it has for several years now, we release in order to allow “room” to receive more light. And in this process we become clearer, the illusions become evident, and we are able to connect to Source in a far better and easier way.
Greetings! As the process continues for our readiness into the next phase where we will create and manifest the New, we find ourselves in a mode of tiredness, lethargy, little motivation, no passion, and a surrender energy. All is in divine right order, as this phase is a necessary prerequisite for our “jump” into the New, soon to arrive. We are wanting and needing much rest now, as we will need these energy reserves we are building when the manifestations of the New begin. At the highest levels, our bodies know what they are doing, as this has been the pattern for some time now…..a sort of need and desire for “hibernation” right before a New burst of energy due to arrive. We are preparing to “reboot” within ourselves and the planet.
Greetings! We have reached a critical point with the energies and are now poised for another great leap ahead. As we are all unique individuals, with our own particular path and purpose, this process puts us in a variety of places according to who we are. Before we infused our energy into this particular human form, we chose circumstances and timelines that would support our purpose. We are all right where we need to be. There are no accidents. Our soul is guiding, supporting and placing us according to our pre-birth plans. One year ago, I experienced a great leap ahead, such as the one many of us are about to undertake. For me, this “ascension” process was very quick, intense and deep. As I had long ago chosen to go ahead of the masses in order to report back to you, I had some catching up to do, and therefore, my experience was extremely intense and quick, as well as uncomfortable! I needed to catch up to my soul plan.
"Below is a list of new ways of being that usually arrive when we begin to reside in a new and higher vibrating reality. Many of these greatly surprised me as they were so much simpler and better than I could have ever imagined. The old rules and ways we were told of the higher realms were derived from

The high/low, up/down pattern with the energies continues, as we move forward with creating the new reality one piece at a time. Now, we are creating and moving energy at some very deep levels, as we have made great progress enabling us to begin new phases in setting up a very new reality. Last Thursday, February 4th, we had yet another shift, and although these shifts feel very unpleasant when they occur, they are none-the-less creating their original intentions…

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