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Happy New Year! And what a very different and exciting new year it “can" be for many of us (smile). 2010…the year of creativity, manifestations, and self expression. Or in other words, the beginning of the creation of the New World, as the first phase of the ascension process is finally complete and very over.

Karen Bishop > Falling Into the New World

I will be taking time off from writing to spend some time with myself simply having fun, playing, and enjoying life until the first part of January, 2010. Along with some very new endeavors, will I continue with WINGS? Oh, it seems I always do, but they will most likely return with a new and different slant relating to where we are now. Before I part for awhile, I am excited to leave you with this last WINGS post, hoping it will bring together once again, what many of you already know and are now experiencing. Happy reading, and I look forward to meeting with you once again in the new year!

This week we moved into the next phase of creating our heaven on earth, and I had to chuckle, as it manifested in some very strange and interesting ways. A bit bewildered at first, and then a little ticked off by the sudden change in energy, after realizing what was occurring, I could only indeed begin to laugh.

Karen Bishop > The Crash Landing is Over...We Are Finally Home

On the week-end of the 21st and 22nd, we finally landed securely in our new homes, our very new spots, and in the places that the tumultuous energies were guiding us towards.

Karen Bishop > The Opening of 11:11 and the New Energy Surge

The energies are really moving of late…like a yo yo, with great intensity and at other times great lulls, things may indeed feel erratic, but as with all things, there is a distinct purpose behind it all, as we are most assuredly gearing up for the very new beginning that we have waited for, for so very long.

Karen Bishop > Missing the Mark...the Haywire Energies

With all the new spaces present in a new dimensional reality, there is an epidemic occurring in relation to mis-matches, or rather energies that are not hitting their designated targets.

For the past several days (or longer), there has been a great amount of light pouring in, and does it ever feel divine! I can literally feel all the cells of my body filling up with an amazing cushion, drink, tingling, glowing, and a simply amazing feeling of a most heavenly nature. This new light has arrived in a very timely way, for several reasons.

These are interesting times indeed, as we are in unchartered territory and much of everything is wide open.

With Mercury going forward once again, the final piece of our new arrival is finally in place. And with this event, we will see much more of a forward movement and a secure locking in of our very new spaces.

Karen Bishop > Vertigo and the Equinox - The Arrival of the New Energy

I had written in weeks past, that near the end of September and especially into October, we would begin to recapture that feeling of God’s grace, of miracles, of incredible light, and that things would be handed to us in miraculous ways. This energy is now arriving through the equinox and will continue on.

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