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Karen Bishop > The Separation of the Worlds

I have been sitting on this information for a while now, as I prefer to write about things and situations that we are currently experiencing as it gives things more meaning and understanding. My role is only to validate, and thus, keep the power within each and every one of us.

As we near the final stretch, there are still some challenges present, but with the new structuring now at the final stages, at least we now know where we are and what the road looks like…all symptomatic that things have fallen much more securely into their very new grooves and new homes.

As all our scattered pieces begin to settle, a new picture of who and where we are, is beginning to take hold. And in addition, the new energies of this new and higher vibrating space are energies that are very unlike what we have known and experienced in the past.

When the solstice hit, it blew everything out of the water. Much of everything went everywhere, and when things finally landed, much was in a very new groove, and a groove that now matched the current vibration of each and every living thing on the planet. Everything ended up in its new and rightful groove, while at the same time, many souls chose to depart around this time as well. 

Karen Bishop > Simplicity

ALL OF THE LETTING GO, loss, releasing, and endings created though the ascension process can ultimately leave us in a space of simplicity. There is such a beauty in simplicity.

Karen Bishop > Coming Through the Gate

As we begin to re-align with our very new spaces, some themes can be ever present. This time, physical symptoms are more prevalent than what may be manifesting in our outside realities, but this is only because we are aligning and settling in, and this phase needs to come first.

So much has recently been under “re-construction” in regard to ascension hierarchies, or what I frequently refer to as rungs, but much has been accomplished now, and forward movement is now at our fingertips.

A very new plan is in the process of being put into place, and it is a much needed plan indeed.

Karen Bishop > The Labor Pains of the Re-Birth

The new re-birth we are experiencing has created much in regard to a “complicated labor.” To summarize briefly: There were many souls who became stuck, or who are experiencing difficulty in awakening or opening to a higher frequency, and this is creating delays, dismay, disappointments, hopelessness, and a fair amount of discomfort for many, as we are all connected

Last week my father was diagnosed with acute leukemia. Now 81 years of age, he had jumped out of an airplane on his 80th birthday, because, as he said, "I am only 80, not dead!" In the past two years (he turns 82 on August 2), he, like many of us, had become increasingly weary and tired of what life was offering ...very uncharacteristic for him.

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