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Karen Bishop > Moving Forward Through the Opening of the Equinox

Becoming as free and clear as possible is what our souls are attempting to do, as we continue to prepare for a very new residency in a very new place. And even though many of us may be fairly clear of much that is vibrating lower than we now are, or was holding us down in the past, we still do not yet know exactly where we are going.

A  few days ago, I went out my door for a walk. After going down the gravel road in front of my house for a few minutes, I found myself staring straight on at a small group of deer. What a beautiful sight they were. As we stood there locked in a long gaze for several minutes, I noticed that instead of the five I had counted, there were actually ten.

Karen Bishop > Starting Over

Bit by bit, piece by piece, we are starting over. After enough souls residing in the lower dimensional old world, had been given enough time and opportunity to choose if they would stay behind or move on to their newer and higher vibrating reality of the next step for the whole, many of us then left for the next rung of our very new reality.

Karen Bishop > The Separation of the Worlds

In times gone by, when we were young and naïve, we may have imagined that the ascension process would be incredibly joyous, full of ease, and lift us up to a higher dimension where we would float on a cloud in Heaven, maybe eating bon bons all day, or perhaps suddenly be filled with light while our challenges disappeared in one fell swoop.

Karen Bishop > Preparing For June

For the past few days, I have been seeing "fours" everywhere. While we were playing the board game Monopoly last night, I continually rolled double fours, over and over again. When I got in the car this morning to go to the library to post this WINGS message, the outside temperature reading in my car gage was 44 degrees. Over and over, the double fours, equaling eight.

There are a variety of manifestations currently occurring, all relating to our arrival in a new space due to the release of our presence in the old reality. In this way, much can seem confusing, conflicting, and even contradictory for many of us now, but as the ascension process continues to show us, it is never a clear, easy, or even plausible road the majority of the time.

Karen Bishop > The Emerging New Reality

We have made great progress the past few days, all, as always, in divine and perfect order. Moving into this new space, and this new reality, creates certain steps and phases that must take place, as all transitions do.

Karen Bishop > Released!

We're in the midst of some interesting energies unusual combination that we may perhaps, not be used to. In times past when we encountered waves of light, we may have experienced a strong sense that it was indeed here, with miracles abounding, surges felt in our physical bodies, or even waves of overload and tension.

Karen Bishop > Creating Heaven on Earth

2009. Here we are in a very new space. Leaving the old behind, as we have done so many times before, but this time, an entire reality is now behind us…not just a piece here and a piece there, but a place where we had been while we evolved and grew, expanded and connected, and stretched perhaps further than we knew was possible.  

Karen Bishop > The Final Phases Before The New

Now that we have “graduated,” and are holding so much more light than ever before, thus enabling us to leave the old world behind and enter a very new reality, we will find in 2009 that our new realities will arrive for us like gifts long awaited, connections we could only dream about, and feelings of “finally…at last.”

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