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Kate Spreckley

Collectively and individually, we are moving from one state of consciousness and into another. A consciousness that is unknown and unmapped. A consciousness where all potential and possibility exists.

Rev. Angela Peregoff

Daily, we are faced with making decisions. Regardless of the situation, most people intuitively know what the correct decision is for them. Yet, how often do we either fail to take action on the decision or make one that is not serving our highest purpose?

Kara Schallock

The eclipse on the 20th is in the early degrees of Gemini. For those who have their natal astrological chart, see which house that is in, for that is the area that will most experience great change. Doing Ceremony and making energetic intention is a great way to use this Light. (I say energetic intention, because without energy, intention is nothing more than a few words).

Shelly Dressel

Goddess Light > BE the Transforming Love

One of the things I love about these meditations is that each one is filled with so much energy and light. There is a far greater presence of just being and of aligning with the energies. We are at a very pivotal time in the ascension process...

Owen Waters

In the world of physics, there is a mystery which appears in a procedure known as the Delayed Choice Experiment. Basically, it demonstrates that energetic particles can and do change their past to better suit their current situation.

Cheryl Richardson

Cheryl Richardson > Get your ticket!

You deserve to enjoy your life regardless of what’s happening in the world. And you can. With time and consistent practice, you’ll find freedom in the silence. 

Rev. Angela Peregoff

The Company of Heaven is trumpeting a new dispensation, "The Body of God is expanding-unfolding and amplifying new levels of potential, new awareness...a whole new World, and the Realms of Light and Illumined Truth are now making available these new potentials for the Humanity of Earth."  Can you hear their joyous shouts of celebration?

Karen Downing

Karen Downing > Natural Disasters

There is so much fear prevalent in the media today about natural disasters and other big changes that are occurring on the Earth plane. First off, it important to remember that there are no accidents, meaning that the souls involved in these changes decided on a spiritual level to be a part of them.

Owen Waters

Owen Waters > Transcendent Beingness

Releasing old, limiting beliefs can set you free to explore higher states of mind and greater states of abundance. We are here on earth to expand our minds – to literally make our fields of consciousness bigger.

Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you so very much. The world needs your light dear ones. So many of you are so worried about taking care of everyone else and yet the best way you can care for the world and for those you love is to stand in a truth that shines brightly - namely that God loves each and every one of you. If you want to help someone who is suffering, rather than bailing them out as so many of you are apt to do, love them, uplift them, express faith in them, encourage their dreams, be there as a compassionate listener when you can.


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