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Chiron is retrograde, you may not have even heard of Chiron. Certainly, this asteroid that resides between Saturn and Uranus doesn't have the star power of, say, Mercury.⁠⁠

Wednesday's Full Moon is a larger-than-life lunation. This spectacular Super Moon will bring light to some of your deepest desires and ambitions.⁠⁠

Lilith is raw, feminine power that will not submit to outer authority. You may know Lilith as Adam's first wife, who would not yield her power to him.⁠ Cancer is known as a squishy sensitive sign, and yet it is fiercely protective

Our Sagittarius Full Moon is upon us! Sagittarius is a positive, optimistic sign that enables you to tap into your future vision. It is the sign that governs your ideals.

Kari Samuels > Mercury Is Direct! Here’s What’s Next...

While the mischief-maker was retrograde for the past three weeks, you may have had a difficult time making up your mind. Perhaps you were second-guessing yourself, or deliberating on an important decision.

Over the past two weeks, you were waking up to parts of yourself that are changing the way you relate to the world, and yourself. Today’s Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio activated the Lunar South Node, which represents karmic patterns.

Kari Samuels > Mercury Goes Retrograde!

There is so much happening in the heavens, you are most certainly feeling the ground shift beneath you. It’s an intense time. As complicated and chaotic things may feel at the moment...

Kari Samuels > Feeling Extra-Emotional? Here’s Why...

If your emotions are everything, everywhere, all at once, you are not alone. The energies transpiring now are being experienced by everyone! One of the many gifts of astrology is that it prepares us for celestial storms as well as sunny days.

Kari Samuels > New Moon Brings Bold Beginnings!

As I shared with you in my April video forecast, April is a month full of bright new beginnings and fresh starts. This is our first of two bold New Moons this month.

Kari Samuels > Virgo Full Moon Expands Your Heart

Our Full Moon is in Virgo, an earth sign that teaches you discernment and healthy habits. You are learning what nourishes you and what no longer sustains you.

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