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Kari Samuels > New Moon in Aquarius: Hope and Renewal

This marks the beginning of a new cycle. Mars and Mercury's retrogrades are behind us, and you can feel a sense of renewal. Aquarius brings hope for the future with innovative ideas. The energy of freedom is sure to be a focus within you and the world.⁠⁠

Kari Samuels > 3 Things to Do Before Setting Goals for the New Year

The start of any new year is usually buzzing with eagerness and enthusiasm to begin the journey toward bettering yourself, but you might want to take a step back and reflect...

Kari Samuels > This Week's Wild Wonderful Astrology

Fasten your seat belts! We’re heading into the three most emotionally intense weeks of the year and I want you to be prepared for it.

Things are feeling a bit surreal aren't they? We're in the middle of eclipse season, and that affects everything. We had the mother-of-all-eclipses on our New Moon in Pisces on March 8th, and we're having a Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd.

Kari Samuels > There's Some Epic Energy In The Ethers!

You’re shedding layers and growing faster than your eyes can perceive. When you’re going through such rapid changes, it can feel super scary!

Kari Samuels > Fabulous Full Moon in Leo

Look up at the sky! February 16th, at 11:56am EST, the Full Moon in Leo will dazzle the skies! This luscious lunation will bring the fire!

New Moons are always a potent time to create your intentions for the month ahead. This week's lunation is particularly powerful because it is the last New Moon of the year, with some extra high-octane intuitive energy. 

Kari Samuels > The Magic of Number 9

We're in another 999 portal! September 27th is one of those 999 dates!

July’s New Moon Is a Powerful One! This is a potent time to change the course of the rest of 2015, and beyond.

What a week this is! Usually this time of year there is a frenetic energy, a rush to get everything done, and a bittersweet feeling about things coming to an end. This year feels very, very different. 


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