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Spirit Pathways > Purification

With this past weekend’s Solar Eclipse, we have reached a critical time in our journey where another layer of the energies, structures and patterns of the past is being cleared. 

Ultimately everything we are experiencing is pushing us to find balance. The incoming energies are potent and pulsing powerfully throughout humanity generating the changes needed for us to live in sacredness, balance and harmony.

October was a month of deep internal shifts which prepared us for the transformative power of November. The shifts we experienced brought greater inner expansion and the awareness needed to really master our reality.

Currently our sense of compassion and empathy is increasing as significant amounts of energy is moving from our heads to our hearts. As a result, our sensitivity is growing intensifying our feelings and challenging us to remain grounded and present in the now.

Our processes of awakening, healing and growth have greatly accelerated this year and a deeper understanding of what is required to change has emerged. In this final week of October, we are preparing for even more expansion which begins with the Eclipse season in November. 

In these times of incredible change and transformation expansion, adaptability and flexibility are essential. We are navigating a continually changing landscape which makes it difficult to establish or force any kind of direction.

As we stand at this juncture in our human history, we are required to take time integrate our experiences, to let go of that which we have outgrown and discover a deeper understanding of who we are and what we as a human race require for our continued existence.

In these times of transformation, we are coming to recognise that everything changes.  What we have known to be true shifts as our perspective expands and we begin to understand the deeper meaning that lies behind our experiences...

In May the dust will begin to settle and we can expect new shifts to occur as new pathways, patterns and configurations are brought into form. This is a critical time in our process of healing and growth where we are urged to take stock of where we are now and what...

Spirit Pathways > New Moon

New Moons offer us the chance of a new beginning and with this New Moon in the sign of Virgo we can now place both feet firmly on the ground, which will help us to integrate and ground the many changes that have taken place in the last few months.

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