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Ailia Mira

Ailia Mira > On Devotion

When you realize that you are One with all of life, that the fullness of your being is the source of everything that comes to you; is your supply, is the way in which you have what you think of as your life experience…

Kate Spreckley

Collectively we are moving through a seemingly chaotic and turbulent evolutionary process which is birthing a new paradigm within our world.  This new paradigm is triggering the breakdown and dissolution of the old structures...

David R. Hamilton PhD

David R. Hamilton PhD > The Science of Affirmations

My first experience of affirmations was when I was a teenager and my Mum would frequently repeat, “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.”

Kate Spreckley

Spirit Pathways > Unravelling the Past

A new energetic structure is taking shape both internally and externally for us all. This structure will profoundly change our world and advance our evolutionary growth and development individually and collectively.

Sonia Barrett

Sonia Barrett > Do You Truly Believe That You Control Your Fate?

Because of the tricky nature of the mind and all of our safety mechanisms and personal lies, more than likely we have created a framework of limitations establishing the degree to which we will control our fate

Shanta Gabriel

Shanta Gabriel > Inspiration for the Week - Finding Love and Wisdom

This message from Archangel Gabriel is encouraging you to go within yourself for answers that you are seeking, even if that feels frustrating. The Teachers You Seek are Love and Wisdom. They are Within You.

Owen Waters

Owen Waters > Decoding the Tao

Long ago, the first time I read the ancient Tao Te Ching (pronounced “Dow Day Jing”), I ran into so many apparent contradictions that I felt like I was going cross-eyed with confusion!

Kate Spreckley

Spirit Pathways > Pulling Inward

We are being called to shift and change that which no longer serves us and to choose differently so that we may align more powerfully with the new. As a result, we are being asked to reflect and assess ourselves, our lives, our behaviours and our habits.

Brenda Hoffman

Brenda Hoffman > What’s Your Central Sun?

Many of you are concerned that you are not ready for the final push, the birth of new you. Such concerns indicate your disbelief in your worth. You most likely relish the thought of a new earth that someone will create and promote. 

Ailia Mira

Ailia Mira > Encouragement.

We're in the midst of a collective transformation. The old stories of separation are not working and don't appeal to many of us, anymore. We're tired of fending for ourselves, seeing others suffer and looking to leadership that isn't leading or caring about EVERYONE and EVERYTHING.


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