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Karen Bishop
Greetings!   This message, I feel, is perhaps one of the “harshest” I have written, but none-the-less, a necessity as it is part of our next evolutionary step. Time is up. All energies are now ready to be matched and there is now no more wiggle room. There is no more time for the “intolerable” to exist. It absolutely must be removed from our New vibrational space. The last “bump up” we experienced lifted us into a very high vibrational space, and now all else must follow. How will this manifest? Anything not matching our vibration will be removed, either by us intentionally through intolerance or by a simple mismatch of vibration and a directive from our souls. For instance, if you have been in a personal relationship that was not working in all ways, and all parties were not participating in expansion, then it will suddenly and abruptly end. Boom.
Karen Bishop

What an exciting an eventful time we are in!   I don't know where to begin, as there is so much occurring at once.   Energetically, we are entering a time like no other.   I am not well versed in solar flares, eclipses and planetary alignments, but energetically and dimensionally we are beginning to experience an incredibly phenomenal shift.

Kara Schallock

There have been lots of highs and plenty of lows as we continue our Ascension Path releasing and integrating. The highs come when we feel exhilarated, full of new awareness and connection. The lows tend to come when we feel disconnected and dealing with remaining 3D energies. This month will be much of the same, only there is a deepening of both the releasing and integrating of high energies of Light.

Karen Bishop
Greetings! There has been much occurring energetically in the past few days. This message, then, will be more lengthy than usual. So if some of it doesn't quite peak your interest, there may be other parts further along that do, as it is multifaceted. We have just experienced a big turn around and it is affecting us in great, deep, and beautiful ways. In the January 1 st message, I mentioned that this would be the year of manifestation as well as the year of the humanitarian. And both are finally arriving. We have come to higher levels of vibration and purpose in the past few months and days. These New and higher ways were specifically “set up” at our highest levels to train us and allow us to now embody more of our New roles.
Karen Downing

Karen Downing > Solstice Energies

There is a beautiful duality in the solstice; one half of the Earth plane is experiencing a flood of light and the other half, darkness. This balance of light and dark exist at once, together, not as polarities, but as halves of the same whole. This is a great philosophy to remember when looking at your own life.

Carrie Hart

Quado > Immerse Yourself in Life

Today is a day with endless opportunities.  The opportunities and possibilities sparkle all around you.  Today, reach out and grab some of them.  Engage deeply in life.  Allow yourself to immerse yourself in life.  Do not hold it at arm’s length.  Get out and do.  Be active.  Engage.  Make mistakes.  Learn.  Grow.  Change.  Evolve.  Develop.  Let the learning begin, through action and active choice.  Let the learning continue, through more action, overcoming fears to experiment, daring to do. Today, be an active force in your own life.  Today, take each so-called problem and turn it into an opportunity to experiment, to try a new way of approaching something, to be creative in finding a solution for it.  Today, be your own best guide and resource, following your own instincts, seeking knowledge from outside, yes, but never going against what feels right to you, inside, in your center of truth.
Gloria Wendroff
God said: Misfortune is behind you. Good fortune is before you. Lift your head high. Stand tall. You ask if I am speaking to everyone, for you wonder how can it be that everyone will have good fortune. Your good fortune is assured. What happens to one happens to all. Even death of the body, when it comes, will be your good fortune. Rise, beloveds. Rise from the mire of your thoughts, your thoughts that are log-jammed into the concept of misfortune. Abolish the tarnished idea of misfortune. You fear loss, but you have nothing to lose, beloveds, unless you consider uplifting the state of your mind as a loss when it would be an improvement. Trade in your thoughts for awareness. Let awareness be the prow of your ship. Let awareness replace miscellany thoughts. Change your mind. Change how you look at life. It really isn’t a monster out to get you.
Carrie Hart

Quado > You are the artist and the canvas both

New vistas open before you.  Doors fling open as you approach.  Opportunities sparkle like diamonds in the grass strewn about your feet. Life is moving on, evolving.  The wind blows fresh across the plains and reaches your window.  The curtains sway in the breeze, full of promise. Clean out the cobwebs.  Clear out the old and make way for the new.  Release your old emotional constructs and allow entire new ways of being, thinking and feeling to enter your life.  Today is the day to drop the chains of fear and doubt and walk free. These chains, these old ways of being, may have served you well as necessary defenses when you were young and helpless.  But you are helpless no longer.  You are strong and vital, capable of becoming and doing anything and everything.  And even more, you are surrounded by help and guidance, you are bathed in the deep and endless love of all that is, surrounding you, embracing you, warming you and protecting you.
Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > Vibration is Infallible

Excerpts from the Messages from God Through Yael and Doug Powell Vibration is Infallible. We are Already Overflowing With our Inheritance from God.
Karen Bishop


Mission accomplished. And what a mission it was! Whether you were consciously aware of it or not, we have been busy purging, releasing, and re-aligning for the next platform of reality for the past several weeks, and we are finally done.


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