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Lightworker > The 26,000 Year Cycle - The Next Planet of Existence

You are in the beginning of a cycle that is starting another 26,000 years. Does it happen on a single day? No, but it is beginning at the end of March of 2015.

Lightworker > The Crystal Portals

This message from the Group takes the Walking Backwards concept from last months message and puts it into practical use. Barbara and myself are pleased to present this on the eighth anniversary of the Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home. We hope you find it as useful as we did. Espavo! Greetings from Home.

Lightworker > 555

Five minutes before this channel someone came up to me and asked a question about the numbers 555. She mentioned that the last few days she had seen 555 everywhere she looked. I told her that the Group had spoken previously about all master numbers as being triggers for our biology. Then she asked if there were any specific meaning or things we should know about the numbers 555. I opened my mouth to say "no" only to come face to face with the Grand Master of Time.

Lightworker > The Second Moon of Atlantis

From Steve In this message the Group picked up one of the chapters of the Amor story that they have been telling in parts for several years. This particular channel was a continuation of a story that we told almost five years ago. But was never published nor released. In editing this channel I took the opportunity to add some of the parts of that channel to this story for clarification. Therefore you may notice differences between the recorded channel on the broadcast and this edited text version where this story has been extended.

From the very beginning of this information the Group has been silent about their origin. When I first started channeling, people warned me to be sure that I knew who was sending the information. I was told that if the source would not identify themselves then that would indicate that they were from the dark side. I therefore, promptly asked three questions: "Who are you?

Lightworker > The Blending of Dimensional Realities ~ The Orthogonal Matrix

You have multiple dimensions of time and space. You believe that this is your timeline because that is all you can see. You cannot see into the other dimensions which are right next to yours. How do you access them?

Lightworker > Orthogonal Matrix

From Steve: After the messages are presented live each month, they are transcribed by the transcription team headed by Becky Hannah. Becky usually translates the Beacons herself and I tell her that she is one of the few people that probably knows the Group as well as I do. Becky sent this month's message out to several of her friends along with a personal note about what it is and the exercise the Group gave us. I share it with you here as it describes perfectly what you are about to read. From Becky: The Group's latest Beacons introduced the word orthogonal to me and explained that all experience on Planet Earth is made up of threes. Everything can be brought down to its purest essence with a 3, and 3 threes make 9. It is the 90-degree turn that ties all of them together. Makes sense to me. After all, Jimmy Buffet once sang, “The whole world lies waiting behind door number 3” . Okay, I'm curious.

Lightworker > The Day the Time Stopped

Many of you are having a challenge adjusting as is evident in many of the structures of planet Earth, such as in businesses and governments. We are all in this major stretch right now adjusting to this new frame of time as part of your fifth dimensional reality.

Lightworker > The Color Clear

From Steve

When the Group first began to present through me, they told me something that I will never forget. They told me that this information was about personal empowerment and even though that sounds really wonderful, they said it would not be readily accepted. They said that humans are so accustomed to giving their power away that this information would not be popular at first.

From Steve:

This message was a recap of what is directly ahead. They said that moving our experiences from the time line is the next step in evolution. The began with "Dear Creators" and went on to say that a Sexual Energy activation is ahead. This is different from the Infusion of which they spoke recently.

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