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Lorna Byrne > Colours of an Angel

Today I was out and about having different things to do I had asked Angel Hoses that I would love to see something today that would be uplifting for you all and I did and it was this beautiful elderly lady walking with one crutch.

Lorna Byrne > Bucketfuls of Angels

The other day when I was out walking it was just a short walk up the lane because it was raining and the clouds got very dark. Angel Hoses who was with me told me to turn back...

Lorna Byrne > A Bucket of Love

I want to tell you a little story about this morning. Just before I made my cup of tea an angel came into the kitchen and said don't forget to feed the baby lambs this morning and their moms, I looked at the angel who was standing there...

Lorna Byrne > See the Good

I know the world today is very challenging in many ways and we are all finding it hard to cope but I know we will find ways to cope, and I believe in all of you in fighting all of the challenges of life.

Lorna Byrne > The Light of Hope and the Future

We have all gone through an awful lot over the last two years with climate change, wars and this virus and it is hard for us to see the light of hope in our lives and in the world, but the light of hope is there.

Lorna Byrne > Feel the Joy

I know your guardian angel is taking care of you and is trying to do its best to have us all feel good even though I know we don’t feel good all the time, not every second, but the angels help us to smile and laugh.

Lorna Byrne > You Can Always Ask For Help

A little story I will share with you, the other day when I was out and about I saw a little girl carrying her small dog into the groomers. As she walked along the footpath, I watched her guardian angel moving with her.

Lorna Byrne > You Are Precious and I Love You

I hope this newsletter will touch your heart. It’s a sad one for me, to write about suicide. It can affect any of our lives at any time, and it is devastating and a huge shock when it happens, whether it’s a family member, friend or even a stranger.

Lorna Byrne > What a Wonderful Day

Hello and welcome, wherever you may be in the world, I hope you know that your Guardian Angel has its arms wrapped around you just loving you, for we all need to feel loved. I know I do.

Lorna Byrne > Our Lives Have Changed So Much

I know we are all finding it difficult, and some of us are finding life extremely hard at the moment, even myself. Our lives have changed so much with this virus, but one thing the angels keep telling me is we have to allow ourselves to see the beauty around us to see the hope, especially the light of hope.

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