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Lynda Hill > New Continents Arising: November's Taurus Full Moon

November's Taurus full Moon occurs on November 11 in Australia and November 10 in the United States. The Sabian Symbol is Taurus 19: A New Continent Rising Out Of The Ocean. This Symbol is a powerful image of new opportunities and a whole new sphere of operation. When a land mass emerges from the ocean – the ‘New Continent’ that is ‘Rising’ – there is usually some kind of eruption or disruption that precedes it. A whole field of activity is coming to light as a fresh, new arena of opportunity erupts.

October's new Moon occurs on October 27 in Australia and October 26 in the United States. The Sabian Symbol is very interesting in the light of the fact that it falls just a few days before Halloween. The Symbol is Scorpio 4: A Youth Holding A Lighted Candle In A Devotional Ritual Gains A Sense Of The Great 'Other World'.

Occurring on October 11 in the United States and October 12 in Australia, the Aries full Moon is set to be another doozy in a long line of doozies. It's been an interesting year with extraordinary events and upheavals and many are bound to be feeling a little baffled, battered or bruised. This full Moon has Saturn closely conjunct the Sun and opposing the Moon. This is quite the combo, especially with the Moon in Aries and the Sun in Libra. It's a tug of war on many levels. 

September's Libra new Moon occurs on September 27 and it is another extremely strong lunation. The Sun and the Moon are mixing it up with Uranus and Pluto and things are set to shake, rattle and roll. The Sabian Symbol is Libra 5: A Man Teaching The True Inner Knowledge Of The New World To His Students.

Lynda Hill > Provisions and Visions: September's Pisces Full Moon

September's full Moon, occurring on September 12, speaks about having food on the table and being able to nurture your self and others and provide for life's necessities. The Sabian Symbol is Pisces 20: A Table Set For An Evening Meal. 

The Sabian Symbol for the full Moon is Aquarius 21: A Woman Disappointed And Disillusioned, Courageously Facing A Seemingly Empty Life. This Symbol is a challenging one and it's energy will have many people wanting to realign their lives. I have long felt that this Symbol would better be read: A Woman Assessing Her Life, as the 'disappointed and disillusioned' part of the degree could then manifest as many good things that the person has to be grateful for.

July's full Moon falls on July 15 and it contains some very powerful messages. The Sabian Symbol of the Moon is Capricorn 23: A Soldier Receiving Two Awards For Bravery In Combat. This Symbol speaks of awards, rewards, recognition and respect.

The new Moon on July 1st is a partial solar eclipse, observable only from parts of Antarctica. Although it is only a partial eclipse, it is still a powerful one as it is square Saturn and opposite Pluto, which gives it quite a bit of punch.

June's Sagittarius full Moon is a total lunar eclipse. Occurring on June 15 in the United States and June 16 in Australia, this is a relatively rare central eclipse, with the total eclipse lasting a long duration of around 100 minutes.

Lynda Hill > Standing Up And Speaking Out: June's Gemini New Moon

June's new Moon in Gemini falls on June 1 in the United States and June 2 in Australia. The theme is one of 'freedom versus slavery' and it brings with it some interesting opportunities and challenges. The Sabian Symbol for the new Moon is Gemini 12: A Slave-Girl Demands Her Rights Of Her Mistress.


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