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The new Moon in Sagittarius happens on November 25 and is a partial solar eclipse which happens just hours after Mercury goes retrograde. This is the first of two eclipses, the second one will be on December 10, in Gemini, and will be a total lunar eclipse. The Sabian Symbol for the new Moon is Sagittarius 3: Two Men Playing Chess.

‘An Electrical Storm’ can really wake us up. Sometimes it comes out of the blue, when we’re not expecting it. As it approaches there is a strong build up of energy and things can become stuck and static. There is a feeling of something pending, the tension and promise of a breaking point occurring at any minute. As it ‘Illuminates the Heavens and the Forests’, it sheds flashes of light on the environment or the immediate situation.

Lynda Hill > New Continents Arising: November's Taurus Full Moon

November's Taurus full Moon occurs on November 11 in Australia and November 10 in the United States. The Sabian Symbol is Taurus 19: A New Continent Rising Out Of The Ocean. This Symbol is a powerful image of new opportunities and a whole new sphere of operation. When a land mass emerges from the ocean – the ‘New Continent’ that is ‘Rising’ – there is usually some kind of eruption or disruption that precedes it. A whole field of activity is coming to light as a fresh, new arena of opportunity erupts.

December's Gemini full Moon occurs on Tuesday December 17. It has been interesting contemplating this full Moon as so many are reporting freezing weather in the northern hemisphere with frost and snow and sub zero temperatures

Lynda Hill > Getting The Message Straight And Clear: November's Taurus Full Moon

Occurring on November 17 in the US and November 18 in Australia, this Taurus full Moon is somewhat of a mixed blessing. With Venus conjuncting Pluto and Mercury conjuncting the Moon's north node, this can be quite a transformational time and one that can see people having all kinds of breakthroughs in relationships, realisations about love, being clear with others about their boundaries and finding where one truly belongs.

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