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Neale Donald Walsch > The Pinnacle Questions

My dear friends...

I am in Canada this week, on Cortez Island, at Hollyhock Retreat Center, for a small-group event to share the messages of Conversations with God. As I sit here on the plane to Vancouver, British Columbia I find myself looking closely at the question: Why am I going off to talk to a handful of people again? What is the point of this?

Neale Donald Walsch > The Importance of Separation

As I'm sure you must know, most human beings imagine themselves to be separate from God. Out of this idea, humans imagine themselves to be separate from each other as well. Yet no human is separate from God, since God is Everything That Is. Therefore humans are not, and cannot be, separate from each other.


This is not a quickie Tweet or a fast FB post in which the world we inhabit is explored in 30-second snippets. It does not feel to me that human beings are most benefitted by deeply examining their collective experience in 130 words or less…

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