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Oakbridge University > You Are A Synapse in the Mind of God

Long enough have you dwelt in the darkness, long enough you have cried out to me and said, “Where are you? Where am I? What are we doing?” Because you have felt my presence, and you have looked high and low, to find me.

Oakbridge University > What the World Needs Now

Now, I have been speaking with you because you have been coming through what you would acknowledge to be a rough patch for a couple of years or more, a more accelerated growth pattern, in truth, where you were challenged as to reality.

Oakbridge University > Your God Is Too Small

Your words, beloved ones, are clues. Your words speak to you of the Allness of your being. You are the wholeness of the holy spirit walking on two feet, sometimes in the wheeled chair, but going amongst the brothers and sisters...

Oakbridge University > Where Is God in All of This?

“Wow, Jeshua, you mean I am an extension of All That Is?” I do, and you can take that with you wherever you go. That is the truth of your being. You are more than the mere mortal that you see yourself to be.

Oakbridge University > The Deep Breath

We will come from a place of love to speak with you about something which has been known a long, long time ago and even in this day, and yet it has not been expressed freely: the Light that you are.

Oakbridge University > The Birth of the Messiah - And This Means You

The world right now is in a state of growth. “Oh, yes, Jeshua, it’s a state of growth alright. It’s a chaos. It’s brother against brother, sister against sister, and parents against the children.

Oakbridge University > Healing the Brokenness

Now, in this evening we will address a question that has come up, a question where ones have been saying, “There is much that does not feel peaceful. There is much that needs to be healed, at least the way I perceive it.”

Oakbridge University > Expectation and Expression, Part II

You have a spark of an idea you want to express with someone, and you use the tones of the voice, sometimes with the hands. You express the livingness of you. And as we have been saying, it is the wave of you.

Oakbridge University > Expectation and Expression

Some time ago, as you measure time in this dimension, we spoke about the ocean of Being and how you draw your energy. As the wave coming off of the ocean, you draw your energy from what is perceived to be the Allness of you.

This evening we are going to have some fun, because we are going to play with artificial intelligence. Now, most every day as you go about your business, your work, your associations, you are thinking with the mind individualized self.

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