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Now that you understand your soul better and how it works, you can view your life more from your soul's perspective. You can see life as a dream of your soul on the one hand...

The 1999 movie The Matrix presented some thought-provoking concepts to an audience ready for deeper awareness. In the movie, humans existed in liquid-filled pods while experiencing a simulated version of reality. 

In this way, you will be ready for the extended version that we will begin shortly on this course. The extended version will add on an entire soul contact experience for the purpose of exploring your potential avenues of development in life.

There is a power within you which very few suspect. While your "outer self" - your daily waking consciousness - is focused upon the external world, your inner being encompasses all aspects of your consciousness. 

Through practical experience, this article explains the metaphysics of why we activate the third eye chakra in the Soul Connection technique, even though it is vibrationally a level above regular soul-realm consciousness.

Most sentient life in the universe is nonphysical. Here on planet Earth, we are among the pioneers of life's great adventurers in experience. We agreed to incarnate, not just into a 4D spirit world, but even further into the crushingly dense realm of 3D physicality.

Welcome back to the Empower Your Soul Connection Course. Today, Part 2 provides you with the powerful Soul Connection Technique.

The most fundamental state of mind in the universe is that of Infinite Being - that all-pervasive intelligence which brought about the creation of the universe. As the universe is composed of consciousness and nothing but consciousness, Infinite Being is the fundamental fabric of the universe.

The Buddha spent many years trying to understand evil and suffering. He eventually concluded that the only real power in the universe is the Creator and that all else is illusion and therefore has little or no power in comparison.

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The gateway to spiritual consciousness is through the heart. 

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