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Carrie Hart

Quado > It may be time to dream anew

Today I wish to speak of change, and how you would do well to open yourself to the flow of life as it evolves. There are days when you feel that things have changed.  There is a different energy.  And yet, you had your plans, you had things you were working toward, and even though they have suddenly lost their energy and drive, you continue to pursue them.  You continue because you have a fixed idea of the way things should be.  I would ask you to be open to the idea of dropping those parts of your life that have lost their energy, at least for a time, and opening yourself to new energies, ideas and flows that are more active and full of vibrancy.
Karen Bishop

With all this New “love” energy abounding, why are we not feeling so good? “Are things EVER going to get better?” you might be asking yourself. Are things EVER going to change? The Venus Transit brought in the “love and abundance” energy, moving us toward higher consciousness.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2190 In All Kindness

God said: To be kind without showing you are being kind is a great skill. The way to perfect it is to always be kind. Then no one will feel singled out. Everyone wants kindness, yet no one wants to feel pitied or condescended to. So you must be kind without being conciliatory. It is not that you are being kind to someone. It is that you are always kind. Invariably kind. In every situation you are kind. What a lovely Being you are. And what is kindness but understanding? The person across from you has had troubles you don't know about. You don't have to know what their troubles were or are. In every instance, truly, what is there for you to do in life but to be kind? Certainly, there is room for more kindness.
Gloria Wendroff
God said: When I say to you to take nothing personally, I mean to take nothing personally. This applies even when something may have been intended for you personally, but much of the time an offense is not meant for you personally, For instance, when rain falls on you, it falls on you, and yet you know better than to take rain personally. Rain fell on you, but you already know that the rain wasn't out to get you, When you take anything personally, you feel singled out and often aggrieved. Don't feel aggrieved, beloveds. There's no merit in it. When someone's words or actions are uncalled for, do not think that a ready-made response from you is called for.
Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

Hello friends. It's been quite a powerful summer cosmically, astrologically and karmically. Some people feel like they've been every which way but loose as the saying goes. Now that Fall is in the air, the seasons and the energies are changing and bringing with them a greater sense of stability and clarity. Sun in Virgo is always a good time to settle down and examine where we are. 

Gloria Wendroff
God said: I bequeathed you to the Universe, and now you bequeath yourself. I gave a gift, and so it is given. I handed you over, and now you serve. What a blessing it is to serve. I serve you. And now you serve others. You serve others in service to Me, and so you serve. I gave you in service, beloveds. I gave My heart to the world. I gave it freely. I gave it in the form of you. I did not make conditions when I gave you to the world nor did I make concessions. There was nothing to concede. You might say that the need for you to give love is a condition, and that’s partly true in that love is a condition for your happiness. And yet, as I gave you life and presented you to the world, I also gave you the freedom of choice. You can love now, or you can love later. Whatever you do or not do, I do not hold it against you. I don’t hold anything against you, beloveds. I hold everything for you.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2325 Let Freedom Ring

God said: Love is the peace that surpasseth all understanding. Love is beyond comprehension. But, of course, love is not for understanding but for giving. Love creates harmony. Harmony does not exist all by itself. Harmony does not mean everyone is in agreement. It means that differences are not the focus. Differences are not looked for. Unity is. Love surpasses everything. It even surpasses itself. In life, you will almost always trip over differences, and so do not burrow into them. There is so much love in the world, and so little time to love in. Love exists, and time does not, yet the love given in time and space from your heart is a timeless gift in the concept of time. Space does not exist, and yet love is to fill it. .Nothing else can. And yet love is much more than a filler.
Hillis Pugh

We as a collective and as individuals give life to all that surrounds us through thoughts and emotions. We are the creators of our destiny and responsible for the outcome. The energy given to items, news, people, etc. can manifest in many ways. How does it manifest itself? It manifests itself through our emotions, thoughts and words. When we give our full attention to something, no matter the subject, we lend it our energy to give it life. This is an unconscious process.

Becky Walsh

Life needs purpose; our everyday needs to have a purpose. Without purpose we are void of an important aspect of what it is to be human.

Gloria Wendroff
God said: In every moment, there is a dying. It is death of the past. The past cannot stay. You might say it lives on in your memory. It lives on in your imagination, and that’s all relative life is, beloveds, something that you imagine. You imagined something occurred. You imagined its appearance, and you imagined its significance, and you imagined its disappearance. You let your thoughts have an effect on you. Understandably, it all felt real to you. That is what the relative is. It is an illusion of reality that you accept at face value. The past is like a wave in water. Water simply flowed into itself. There was movement in the water. The water rose and fell on itself. It was water all the time, and nothing but water. We could say that the water had a dream of itself, just as you dream away moments of this lifetime of Ours on Earth.


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