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Beloved Council of Light, thank you for your abiding presence and patience with my infrequent connection. Please shed understanding about what is happening at this time. Things feel stuck and appear to be going nowhere and the doldrums are challenging. What is coming for us? Is there something we should be doing to prepare? What can we do to best
You are all indeed blossoming and growing with the Spring! It has been a time of insight and stretching, has it not? We are proud of your perseverance and your commitment. Don't stop! In all things, it is just the beginning. You can feel in your bodies right now the reason why great infusions of light cannot be made spontaneously and that the new energy
Beloved Ones!

It is with great reverence that we great you on this day. You may not realize the origin of this, but that matters less than the message conveyed, for we are here to assist you in that which you agreed to do, so in essence, we are your honour guard, your support team, your comrades in arms! (The embracing kind, not the destructive ones.)

HeartLight > The Great Recruitment Call

You know to go within as often as possible. The more you begin to foster your inner relationship with yourself, with your Higher Self, with your REAL reality, the more you will be solid in your illusion! Keep reminding yourself that you are in a play and not to get caught in the drama of the latest act…this keeps you small and unusable by Spirit. Once you join the effluvia, then you are not the transformative Light of the Divine that can change all things.

Dear Beloved Ones, it is always our honour to be with you in God’s perfect timing under the light of this silvery January full moon!

Greetings, beloveds.  It is always a pleasure to be with you in this way. We join you in the light of consciousness; we join you in the presence of love, for that is all there is. Love is all that you are. It is important to remember this above all else. So there is always the state of forgiveness as it is as ever-present as love.

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