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It becomes clearer every day that we live in a world cut off from the healing depths of its soul. The soul gives us character, individuality, connection, and humanity. But the soul flourishes only when we bring to it daily care, when we take time to be with others, to connect with nature, and to work at what matters.

Our real existence is as Spirit, and only in the degree that we perceive our real existence as Spirit, do we drop the false sense of life as material. Then we see that the structural life of man, animal, and plant is but the false sense of existence; that our concern for the so-called necessities of material living has been unnecessary; that although the beauties we behold all hint at God's creation, they are not that spiritual and perfect creation; that the sick, aging, dying appearances are not at all a part of real life.

Imagine that Buddha and other enlightened ones from humanity's past are taking you out to dinner tonight to discuss the state of the world. You will be pondering all kinds of solutions to resolve the world's growing array of crises. How do you suppose they are going to respond to our current pressing issues? What jewels of enlightenment would they advise for these modern times?

Rev. Angela Peregoff > The Week Ahead: Being Inspired By Self

A very powerful and exciting month is at hand as September gets ready to unlock a doorway to Higher Light as we are pushed to make the fundamental changes that support the Age of Light that is upon us. Are you up for sneaking a peek at the "forgotten ancient secrets" of your own Soul? At last settling in the center of the Inner Self and living from a state of mind that is based on "intuitive knowing" rather than the 3-D model that is based on a "belief" state of mind.

We have finally made the leap into 2012 and our story is going to move and speed up faster and faster and faster. For the past twenty-five years the soul dwellers of Earth have lived through, facilitated, and even resisted dynamic transformations that inevitably established a higher order of awareness in this realm. Looking back it's easy to see that we've done a stellar (wink wink) job at transmuting the dark energy of 2011 within ourselves, within others, the planet, and the lower astral plane. We have penetrated through the portion of memory layer that held us captive in separation. This year more souls than ever before will be sourcing a NEW Evolutionary Cycle.

Congratulations you have completed the initial stage for manifesting your unique role in the New world of 2012. This year 2011 was about belonging and unity consciousness. The invisible realms were sending support throughout the year for personal sovereignty. You have been pushed in every conceivable way from the inner, outer and in-between energetic influences to participate on terra firma in new ways with your sense of a "new Self".

The week spreads out before us as a treasure path to Spirit’s nakedness. The inner levels of our Eternal Beings are saturated in an unprecedented helping of Divinity (love, light, compassion, etc). I have concluded that it is going to be a week that supports and perhaps even instructs the entire force field of each person to a new level of receptivity.

With potent cosmic patterning pounding your usual human assuredness into bits and pieces this week it will behoove you to just allow the energy to melt your set boundaries, instead of trying to control what you fear or clarify what confuses. What came to you in June must now pour through you in order to bring you into a space of deeper, more authentic self-awareness that can be used in service to self, humanity and universality.

The most powerful agent in character-building is the awakening to the true self, to the fact that man is a spiritual being - nay, more, that I, this very eternal I, am a spiritual being, right here and now, at this very moment, with the God-powers which can be quickly called forth. With this awakening, life in all its manifold relations becomes wonderfully simplified.

This week and for the rest of the month we will be in the extreme energy-field of awakening - a time of moving into the stillness of a quiet pendulum swing, getting ready to breathe ourselves into a whole new depth of potential, creating and remembering our direct connection with the essence of our sacred Souls.

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