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The barriers between you and your greater good are not barriers in themselves. They are things of thought. It is because of this that all things are possible to faith. Jesus summed up the whole proposition when he said, "It is done unto you as you believe." In interpreting this saying, however, you must pause after the word as.

You came here to remember and reclaim your own mastery. You cannot redeem yourself, and return to a state of grace (the frequency band just above the fear that creates duality) without transforming the experiences themselves which have plunged you into the lower vibrations of fear. This is part of the purpose for which you decided to come to into the Earth plane.

Fluidity and honoring the current is the name of the game these days. June's last set of rare high-frequencied energies arrive later this week and could send you into a void "uncertainty" zone that lasts for a couple of weeks as you shift into using this prowess at the atomic, sub-atomic, and quantum levels of your being.

The month begins with a renewed sense of security, power, and knowledge due to the intense magnetic energy of Truth that purposefully asked each of us to open our eyes and minds over the summer/winter months (Northern/Southern hemisphere). The season's frequency events greatly amplified individual personal power allowing you to accept an augmented in-flow of higher Light.

It is very difficult at times to explain the unexplainable. When we can't see, feel, experience, and understand "what is happening to us" then our attention simply dismisses the strange occurrences, physical maladies, and emotional imbalances. As the months pass in this building year we are continually being pushed to move into and start developing our multi-dimensional core energetics.

The last Monday of October is here and I am pleased to again join your reality! The reconnecting tides of the October 22nd full moon are still influencing all souls who will be living on planet Earth after 2012. The New particles of Grace, Peace, Wisdom and Light of the next resonant era upon planet Earth are awakening another layer within her field of Life.

AS THE MISTS OF CHANGE begin to fill this land of hidden truths, a new way to look at life must be developed in order to allow the "quickening." No matter what your religious affiliation, no matter where you reside, no matter what the circumstances in your life, a new day is bubbling up and trying to claim the miasma which has kept us veiled and anesthetized from our truth and power.

There is no rest for the weary on Planet Earth after yesterday's portal passing. For if you remember, last week I forewarned about the high-minded, experimental, intuitive and universally-aware Divine energy headed our way during the last half of October that will be amplifying our spiritual qualities of creatorship and power.

I place my mind upon the One Mind, that precious wish-granting gem, that radiates with the yellow light of Equalizing wisdom. Yellow and piercing, dazzling and clear, adorned with droplets of my own essence. Within this body of Perfection I am one with the ultimate thinker of Life, for it is always thinking through me.

You create it all absolutely! You speak beliefs into structure every day. Your words; the "spoken word" is the manifestation tool you use for day-to-day creation of your reality. Each waking moment you fashion your own reality from your beliefs and ideas about reality and your beliefs, ideas, and judgments about who you are in relationship to that reality.

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