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Welcome. Willkommen. Aloha. Bienvenue. The list goes on and on, although sadly my knowledge of languages is a little limited! On looking at the possible different translations of ‘welcome’ into other languages, it is fascinating to see the similarities, as well as the differences, around the world. 

Sarah-Jane Grace > More than a Feeling

The New Year is traditionally a time to set new resolutions for the path ahead, and this year, such resolutions feel even more significant than usual for the energy and dynamics of the power of intent has shifted exponentially. Of course, many resolutions are broken and forgotten before January has ended for they belong on the ‘should, must and to-do list of life’ and it is hard to put mind, body and soul into something that feels like a chore. Yet, we find it hard to resist the drive to chase being better, for that is a part of being human.

Sarah-Jane Grace > Lost & Alone

Many of those walking the path towards self-awareness and self-knowing are feeling increasingly isolated and alone. It can sometimes be hard to gain a sense of Self or a sense of knowing when the world is spinning, shifting and changing so intensely, yet, at the same time, intuitively we know that through this chaos, clarity comes.

Now the going has got tough, many of the ‘tough’ seem to have done a runner! We are now standing in the midst of a cloud of confusion, feeling as though the world is slowly spinning out of control. Are we right to try to apply the brakes and step off, or is it time to trust the process and surrender to the chaos? Or is it simply our perception or a misconception that things seem a little awry?

As we continue to excavate and dig deeply within, it seems that many of us have found ourselves in unfamiliar territory as we have opened up our minds, bodies and souls to the Truth of the closets, the nooks and the crannies within.

Sarah-Jane Grace > Mountains and Molehills

There can be no denying that this is a time of great shift and change; from the tiniest atom to the most majestic mountain, everything is shifting, moving and evolving. Of course, this has been the way since the dawn of time, but things seem to have intensified and quickened now.

Today, the 23rd April is St George’s Day. St George was best known as the slayer of the dragon. It seems fitting that the dragon energy is now resurfacing all over the world through energy (ley) line work, personal empowerment and a collective raising of the spiritual consciousness.

Sometimes we have to listen to the voice within and let it be heard; it’s a part of us after all. I did that last night, I was the lowest I’ve been in many many months and I felt myself slip into the gap between here and there.

There is something of an epic battle going on deeply within; it seems that as we continue to awaken, we are touching clarity and divinity with one hand but facing challenges, doubt and fear with the other. Our faith keeps us strong (most of the time!), but there are moments when faith melts away leaving uncertainty and confusion to rule the roost.


Twenty-first century life is frenetic, chaotic and full of hustle and bustle. It can be so hard to find truly ‘quiet moments’ without the mobile (cell) phone buzzing, an email pinging into the inbox, things to buy, people to meet, work to do, life to live and jobs to complete!

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