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Selacia > Wesak - Its Importance in 2012

Right now, the annual Wesak blessing energies are building, the enlightened Masters assembling and connecting with humanity. The great ones like the Buddha, the Christ, and Kuan Yin will be with you more tangibly again this season. At Wesak celebrations worldwide, you will be able to sense their presence and receive their wisdom.

When a notable world figure such as Michael Jackson passes, or you lose someone else very dear to your heart, know that the gifts and love they have given are eternal. You will not lose them.  You lose only the physicality of the one you loved or admired.  That physicality was only a spark of the greater being that they are. 

Selacia > The Revolution You Came to Facilitate

These are the times that you have been waiting for. There is a revolutionary awakening taking place. It may remind you of some earlier decades such as the 1960s, but those years were tame in comparison. There is a revolutionary spirit which naturally comes forward to address imbalances and oppression; it surfaces within the hearts and minds of people who begin to question the status quo. This occurred countless times over humanity's history.

Selacia > Eleven 11 Week Energies

This week is a very powerful time for new starts and mega shifts in your life. With the Scorpio new moon on 11/11, stay present to what you are creating and set some bold personal intentions of what you want to experience, be, and do next.

Selacia > New Moon Process - Prepare for Post Wesak

This week's Gemini New Moon is an opportunity to put your divine changemaker creation energies in motion, fashioning a higher outcome for something important to you. Continue reading for what this means and how to make the most of these two weeks ahead of Post Wesak.  

These days it's not uncommon to have odd experiences with time, space and memory. You know that time isn't what it used to be. It is actually accelerating.  And you may experience what seem to be "gaps" in time, not being able to account for hours, days or even weeks in the way that you did before. 

Selacia > Walking a Tightrope

Feeling like you’re walking a tightrope, perhaps still recovering from last week’s emotionally-charged full moon? You’re not alone. The intensity of recent weeks continues, and it will take mindfulness and inner stability to navigate the path.

Selacia > The 2009 Wesak Message

Note from Selacia:  "This month, at the time of Wesak, I asked The Council of 12 to address a key element now needed within humanity for our progression into a higher vibrational way of living and being.  Wesak, after all, is about enlightenment.  The new paradigm we are creating is directly connected to humanity's awakening into a more enlightened consciousness.  In fact, for us to successfully create our new paradigm world in the midst of our current planetary chaos, we must discover a more light-filled approach to everyday living.

Selacia > The Media in the Window of 2012

Today's humans are enamored with their gadgets and technology. The multitude of devices and communication networks has enabled storytelling to morph into a 24-hour phenomenon. People of diverse cultures can now communicate instantly worldwide.

Selacia > Catch The Expansion Wave

There is a new more expansive energy in the air – do you feel it? More importantly, would you like to know how to fully utilize this buoyant energy to get your life moving in a beneficial direction?


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