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Doreen Virtue

The angels do their best to get our attention and to communicate with us. In this way, they help us heal our own lives. However, we often discount the signs they give us, writing them off as mere coincidences or our imagination. The angels say: "We can't write our messages to you in the sky.

Shanta Gabriel

Considering that this message from Archangel Gabriel came to me years before the ideas about the Law of Attraction became part of mainstream conscious awareness, I am amazed.

Steve Rother

Steve Rother > Beacons of Light September 2023: The Open Portal

We know that many of you cannot see the portal is open or understand how you held it open, but you will. The reality is that there’s much help coming now. Basically, you’ve given permission for that help...

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > Alligators on the path :)

Today, the angels talk about the "alligators" on our paths, which I thought was a hilarious analogy, but a good one! I'll talk about handling them both conceptually and practically speaking.

Brenda Hoffman

Brenda Hoffman > Expecting Better Instead of Please

Maybe you fear your life is not changing for the better. That what was continues to be. Or that this transition is a cartoon image of what should be but never is.

Celia Fenn

Celia Fenn > 2023 Lions Gate: The Galactic “Deep” Human

This new expanded state of consciousness may mean that at times you may feel “weird” and “spacey” as though you are “outside” of yourself.  Indeed, your energy field is so wide and powerful that at times you...

Shelly Dressel

Goddess Light > Integrating Expanded DNA

This is not a simple transformation. This is not something that was just thought about and then accomplished. You are in a cycle that has been coming on for several thousand years and you are here at the completion...

Neale Donald Walsch

I promised in the last installment that I would comment here on the reason that 'temporary amnesia' (forgetting Who We Really Are) is a part of the process of the evolution of the human soul.

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > Tune Yourself

You never need to give up on yourself, your hopes, or your dreams. You don't need to earn your manifestations or prove your worth to the heavens. There's no need to convince us, persuade us, or insist on having what you want.

Owen Waters

Owen Waters > The Three Dimensions of Time

“If I only had Time.” That’s what the Creator thought while mulling over the design stage of the Creation. Time is necessary so that experience can be gained from choices taken and changes made at an appropriate pace for learning.


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