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Kate Spreckley

The journey of our soul in a human form is filled with experiences which bring healing, growth, and learning.  When we see that the purpose of every situation in our lives enables our soul to evolve, we can elevate our awareness and observe our past...

Sarah-Jane Grace

I've long been a seeker of silence. Seeking out opportunities to embrace the silent moments and to immerse myself in the stillness that silence can bring. We live in a busy, noisy, distraction fuelled world which can make it so hard to even notice the silence, but it’s always there.

Emmanuel Dagher

So far, this entire year has been a time of great personal growth, healing, and expansion—and you may have noticed that there hasn’t been much downtime to rest from all of that!

Kate Spreckley

The form of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies has been defined by the reality we have lived within. As this reality evolves and transforms these bodies naturally change bringing about a profound shift within all spheres of our life.

Kate Spreckley

Spirit Pathways > Reflect & Reframe

Our ordinary reality is being transformed challenging us to question everything we have considered to be true. As a result, how we perceive, understand, and view ourselves, our past and our world is shifting.

Brenda Hoffman

Brenda Hoffman > Release Your Guilt About Universal Shoulds

Many of you have mistaken our words. Believing you have to be different instead of looking within to determine how and why you are different. Acting silly because it’s fun is different than being silly because you feel you must.

Cheryl Richardson

Cheryl Richardson > Are You Here?

After more than a year of meditating every day, I’m still amazed at how often I’m somewhere else rather than where I am at any given moment. This morning, while chopping Brussel sprouts, I visited London, had a one-sided disagreement with a former colleague..

Owen Waters

Owen Waters > Spiritual Faith

With spiritual faith, your heart and mind open up and guide you in your search for personal truth. Faith in the spirituality of life is what makes your spiritual path possible.

Jamye Price

Jamye Price > September 2021 Ascension Energies – Joyful Heart

For September, as usual, Areon builds on the mental and emotional Reflection that life is echoing out so that what arises from within your Bold Heart is waves of creative love. The energies are Joyful Heart, but the main focus is the mind in order to bridge your heart’s joy into this world.

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > What Are You For?

Today the angels suggest we ask often, "What am I for? What do I like?" in order to flip our focus to the desired reality rather than empowering our complaints. I'll share some personal stories about how you can do this even when challenged.


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