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Jamye Price

Doorways are representative of beginnings and endings, they are opportunity. Knocking, perhaps? ;o) As we traverse life, doorways are metaphorically opening and closing on a continual basis, ultimately nanosecond by nanosecond. It is choice that determines your experience of a doorway; and the material reality before you is formed. We are bio-mechanical creators that interpret frequency so constantly and instantaneously that many don’t even believe that we do.

Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you so very much. Everything you might wish for dear ones, is to be found within your own hearts. If you want peace in the world, find the peace within you first. Sit quietly and pray for God's love to fill your heart and your life. Refuse to be drawn into the dramas and stresses of others around you. Ask for assistance and we will help you see your world with a bit of detachment.


Selacia > To Be Happy

At this crucial point in history, you stand at a fork in the road. You are not alone. People from diverse cultures worldwide are at their own forks in the road. Choices must be made before you can take the next big leap forward.
Gloria Wendroff

Oh, beloveds, do you see that everything is what you make of it? That is the meaning of perception. Your perception is what you make of something, including your life. Your perception is what you make of anything and everything.

Gloria Wendroff
God said:

Why, beloveds, do you resist change so fiercely? What can it be that makes you stubbornly resist change ? Can it be your attachment?

Carrie Hart
Today’s message is in response to a reader’s question: “You say that when we are truly aligned, we will wish for nothing, but simply accept what is.  I understand that, but sometimes it sounds passive to me.   What about having goals, and working towards them?  What about passion, and wanting to pursue certain things in life?  I understand that we cannot be attached to our passions, but I think they can be beautiful and healthy.  And it does mean that on certain levels, we still have wishes, desires and goals.” Quado’s response: When we speak of acceptance in a spiritual sense, we are speaking of acceptance of the present moment.  In the present moment, the only response must be deep understanding and acceptance, for acceptance in this sense means knowledge, means knowingness, means this and simply this:  in this moment, things are as they are.
Cheryl Richardson

"Find your true path. It's so easy to become someone we don't want to be, without even realizing it's happening." -- Bernie Siegel, MD

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

Creating greater Abundance in our lives. I sat with Guidance this morning this is what was shared. There has been much information that has come out over the years about opening up oneself to Abundance and how to create more, etc. One approach is similar to the Huna/Theta Healing technique of asking or even demanding of Source to fulfill ones needs. We say that this can be effective but is not always foolproof as the saying goes.

Lee Harris

October is an 'entry month' in energetic terms. This month we enter the year of 2012 energetically and thus an energy of new beginning will exist strongly and support new beginnings for many.

Gloria Wendroff

I am all-encompassing. I am everywhere all at once. I never miss a beat. I hold the entire Universe in one embrace. I hold you in My embrace right now. My embrace is firm yet not tight. Within My embrace, you can do your own breathing. You can live your own life, so to speak. In your imagination, you can wander, yet you are nevertheless caught in


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