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Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > Your Every Heartbeat Creates Miracles and Treasures

In a world of Love there are a million treasures that are bursting forth, brand new creations, coming alive through the gift of your hearts, being made manifest through the grace of your Love. You are the heart of Creation, and every pulse beat of the heart of God finds itself alive in you.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

Healers world wide are being called into action for Universal Synchronization June 21st - August 12th from the Star Elders and the Invisible Councils of Light through Aluna Joy Yaxk'in.


Kate Spreckley

It has been an intense year with many sudden changes, transformations and awakenings.  Truth is coming at us from all sides; some of it liberating and empowering and some painful and confusing. 

Jamye Price

You are at an exciting time in your human evolution. This time is a point of change, a transformation point, a choice point. You are learning that as you surrender to the invisible power of your Loving heart, you open to more understanding and connection with the visible power of your brilliant mind.

Jamye Price

Blessed Beings, you are at an exciting time in your evolution of beginning to work more directly with the subtle realms of creation.

Owen Waters

Owen Waters > The 2012 Gateway Trajectory

Recently, I related how a senior member of the spiritual hierarchy – a global spirit who functions as the Lord Protector of The Shift – took me under his wing to act as a messenger for urgent spiritual information. Under his guidance, I have learned about a principle called the 2012 Gateway Trajectory. This states that the pattern of consciousness that you have on December 21st, 2012 will influence your trajectory through experience for many thousands of years into the future.

Jamye Price

Blessed Being, how do you find your truth? At times, it is cloaked in emotions and thoughts that focus you on inner pain. At times, it is a truth that is vague or undefined to you.

Shelly Dressel

Goddess Light > Balanced Energy Bodies

I’m beginning to see a theme here that the Goddess is sharing with us!  BALANCE  I think that we all are seeking balance within our lives and she’s given us a number of different ways for us to find it.

Karen Bishop
Greetings! A beautiful woman sent me an e-mail recently which said, ”I feel as if the Earth has stopped rotating and I have forgotten to get off”. She couldn't have described it better. We are currently in a most momentous space of unprecedented significance and it is a time like no other. Decisions are being made at the highest levels, and although we may not consciously be aware of what is going on, we are indeed, a part of the decision making process and feeling it at some level. But when the “meeting” adjourns, get ready!
Karen Bishop
Greetings! As we prepare for the first phases of the New World, there is much to tell. Edginess, short tempers and frustrations, and feelings of stress and pressure abound, as at a higher level we are feeling the energies of great change. Energetically, things are beginning to move around, to take different places, and to be placed in a wonderful space of “realignment”….. all in readiness for the changes to come in October. As we are now “on the airplane”, having closed the hatch and left all the factions of the Old World behind with no turning back, we are now getting ready energetically for the “landing”. There is much “scurrying around” energy taking place at higher levels (which usually manifests at the physical level in different ways), as the preparations for the New begin. So much moving energy is causing the shortness of tempers, edginess, and stress, but as always, will pass.


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