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Sonia Barrett > We Treat Our Lives as if Our Experiences Are Random

We live our lives through a series of rolling moments yet it’s just one on going moment. It becomes even more fascinating when we recognize the paradox of it all, for the moment happened but it didn’t.

Sonia Barrett > The Art of Being Human

Being human is an art. It is a captivating work of art on canvas. The canvas comes to life and we become lost in the magnificence of the colors, images and sensations. 

To examine without prejudice the truth about the last time that you actually entered the stillness of your mind is essential. The peace and the resolutions we seek can be found there. Although this seems like such a simple task...

Sonia Barrett > When Change Shows Up

Change is always showing up but often it never appears as imagined. Change comes in many disguises and so we may best prepare to embark on the journey of change by using these insights...

This is a question that is well worth examining from many different angles. Who is in charge of the humans, do humans need handlers/controllers? Humans are hard wired to be controlled; hard wired for slavery. Because of this the vast majority readily accept the need for control by government, corporations, religion/spiritual constructs and education.

Sonia Barrett > 2010: A New Linear Cycle Spun by Ancient Technology

We are indeed embarking on a new cycle. A new cycle called 2010. It is the entrance into what is recognized as “a New Year”. Each new year; new cycle is the result of the culmination of all prior cycles. Cycles are segmented periods between two points…which we recognize as “time”; having a beginning and an end.

What is your world made of, your personal world. In the resent workshop Stop Running from the Matrix, I presented ideas pertaining to our individual storylines which was quite triggering.

Sonia Barrett > When Nothing Seems To Be Working

There are those moments that many of us have faced when everything seems to freeze and nothing seems to be working. This can be such a powerless feeling especially when you have experienced the flow of movement. What then. You run around in your head hoping to find some resolve, a glimpse of a solution. This is where we can easily become desperate.

Sonia Barrett > The Marketing of Breast Cancer

Note: Although much of this analysis might appear to be more Western world related, it all trickles into other cultures. The Western world has tremendous influence on the rest of the world, from extreme subtlety to the extremely obvious. Please note that when I decided to write this article I had no knowledge that this was the month for breast cancer awareness. Food for thought!

Sonia Barrett > Now Is Always the Time for Whatever Action You Choose

NOW is always the time for whatever action you choose to take in this moment for that is all you have; is NOW! NOW also stands for a New Ordered World, so in your NOW you are bringing order to your personal world; your personal reality.


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