Messages & Channelings

We are at a very unique point in human evolution, a transition point, which is initiating a rapid awakening across the planet. This rapid awakening is preparing us for a quantum leap in our evolutionary process that will dramatically expand our human consciousness.

This is a time of purification, regeneration, cleansing and rebirth as the intensity of the energy we are working with increases dramatically. The pressure is building impacting us on every level of our being.

Moving through the current shits and transformations takes us beyond the enormous belief patterns of the collective consciousness and into cosmic consciousness.

The old ego-driven world is collapsing and everything that is occurring now is a result of this world dying off. It is a very necessary transformation that is allowing for an adjustment in the balance of all things on the planet.

Our world has shifted and will continue to do so as all of humanity is being drawn into a time uncertainty. There is much speculation surrounding this time of extreme change and transformation.

As the world continues to unravel we are being urged to shift into a more conscious and balanced method of action. With the entrenched, unsustainable forms and outmoded patterns radically changing we are being encouraged to grow and trust our inner connection, our intuition.

It is becoming very clear that the wheels of fate have shifted and everything is changing. As the intensity continues to increase pressure is being placed on that which is in need of transformation and change.

Our soul works tirelessly to reveal itself so that we may reclaim and reintegrate it as our innate, authentic self. When consciously seeking to uncover our soul, we discover that it exists as an eternal being and part of a vast interconnected whole.

At this time it is important that we use our intuition and inner wisdom to move beyond judgment and limitation. Powerful internal shifts and changes are occurring urging us to contemplate and reevaluate the course of our life.

Currently we are in a phase of collapse where the old destructive patterns of the world are failing and disintegrating. At the same time new energetic structures, which are in harmony with the universal laws and principles of balance, are being established.

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