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We ended April with the intense energies of a Scorpio Full Moon on the 28th, enabling us to unearth the secret keys that will set us free from past restrictions, limitations and boundaries. This Full Moon created a gateway to mystery and transformation through which change becomes possible. You may feel both challenged and energised by these intense energies. You are urged to take special care and utilise the energy to become more productive and more consciously involved in your life.

Spirit Pathways > Energy Report for July 2010

After the powerful planetary alignments of June the beginning of July finds us at across road. The alignments of last month created a tremendous force for change with the climax occurring with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 26th June. The energy created an opportunity for us to begin recognising where our life is out of balance and the chance to begin reforming our ways of living.

Spirit Pathways > Energy Report for May 2011

Looking at the energy of May it seems that we are entering into the final month of a cycle that began with the Solar Eclipse of January 2011.  Whatever issues, challenges and / or experiences have occurred since January will be coming up for completion, resolution and release this month.

Spirit Pathways > Gateways to Freedom - December 2009

December is an intense month with the energies flooding through the 12:12 Stargate, the Solstice on the 21st and the celebration of Christmas on the 25th.

July has been a very powerful and transformational time for us all and this theme of transformation will continue throughout August and into September.

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