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Spirit Pathways > Deep Soul Work

Conforming to cultural and social norms has caused many to deny and stifle the energy and power of their soul. As a result, we have been trapped in recurring patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour.

A deeper awareness of our soul is urging us to create a firmer connection between the tangible material world and the subtle luminous realms of the soul. As a result, every aspect of our lives is being reviewed and adjusted to enable the deeper...

Our soul works tirelessly to reveal itself so that we may reclaim and reintegrate it as our innate, authentic self. When consciously seeking to uncover our soul, we discover that it exists as an eternal being and part of a vast interconnected whole.

It has been an intense time with many sudden changes, transformations and awakenings. The world is in a phase of breakdown as the old destructive patterns fail and disintegrate. Truth is coming at us from all sides; some of it liberating and empowering and some painful and confusing.

We are at the dawning of a new age. An age that is exposing the energetic soul blueprints we need to manifest our new reality. Our soul blueprints are an energetic framework which contains our pure potential.

Spirit Pathways > New Moon Solar Eclipse

The two Eclipse's this July are powerful portals that will take us into our destiny whether we are ready or not. Solar Eclipses on the wings of a New Moon bring the promise of change and the assurance of a new beginning.

The evolutionary growth of humanity is increasing quite dramatically as each and every human being is impacted by the current global situation. The intense energy we are experiencing is radically quickening our awakening process bringing deep and lasting change and transformation.

The incoming energy is picking up the pace as it moves into the deepest foundations of our realities. Events in our lives are creating much upheaval urging us to release our attachment to old ways and old routines.

The ceaseless interaction of energies on the planet is generating enormous shifts and changes that are recalibrating our world. As a result, we are being gifted with a new sensitivity, which is awakening in us a deeper awareness of the Earth's energy and the changing cycles of nature.

This is a very significant time which marks an important threshold where the human collective is being gifted with an intense transformational process. The scale and scope of change is vast and the resulting intensity and urgency has created...

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