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We are in the final days before the New Moon Solar Eclipse on Thursday. This is a powerfully transformative time where the old is dying and the new is waiting to be reborn. Eclipses act as transformers by helping to remove what we have outgrown and what is no longer necessary in our lives.

The incoming energies are demanding and require us to remain in a space of fluidity despite any feelings of uncertainty. Fluidity allows us to remain open to all possibilities and opportunities. As we move into the weekend a space of inner stillness is necessary...

Currently, we are being internally rewired and as such how we respond and react to life is changing. Our consciousness is being internally expanded through our hearts which will shift our perspective and the lens through which we view ourselves.

The incoming energies are incredibly intense right now as old emotional issues and challenges are being triggered for release. Any fear that arises about the unknown is surfacing gifting us with the opportunity to clear the emotions that lie beneath our fears and uncertainty.

We are in a window of time that holds a very powerful space for real change both internally and externally. With Mercury now in retrograde we have the opportunity to shift how we think, how we perceive ourselves and as a result how we live.

This weekend Mercury stations retrograde until June 22nd. This retrograde period is filled with opportunities that will enable us to radically shift our perspective and deepen our awareness. It offers a time in which we can reflect on and re-examine our beliefs...

Eclipses tend to bring about events and opportunities that enable us to let go of aspects of ourselves and our past that we have outgrown. As such we are able to anchor in the gifts and wisdom we have gained without needing to repeat the past.

This is a week of assessment as we find ourselves questioning our lives and our ways of living and being. Circumstances and situations we have outgrown are coming to a close. As a result, there is an uncomfortable tension in the air which will be heightened...

For some time now we have been required to dig deep to withstand the shifts and disruptions that have and continue to occur. What we are facing is urging us to let go of the deeply rooted patterns and program that have governed us for eons.

The energy of this week has brought to the fore aspects of our life that are key to our forward progress. For some the emerging insights offer an opportunity to review, revise and refocus.

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