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Collectively and individually, we are all transitioning into a new and expanded state of being. As incredible as this transition is there are some uncomfortable aspects which can be challenging to navigate.

This month we have moved through some incredibly important energetic gateways which have shifted each facet of our being and brought us into greater energetic alignment with our soul.

The energies of this month have and continue to be revolutionary in nature as they work to deeply dissolve the distortions and illusions of the past. Today marks the final activation of the 2222 energy for this month.

We start this week with the energies of 2222 activating and expanding our mental body and transmuting the unconscious limitations which inhibit our growth and narrow our outlook on life.

We are in a time of transition where the old is falling away and the new is slowly emerging from within. Currently, tension is building between what has been habitual and what is unknown creating an...

Spirit Pathways > Reframe Change

With the Full Moon, we are navigating events that are central to the changes we now need to make. As a result, any resistance to change will surface offering us the opportunity to shift our perspective and reframe change...

Spirit Pathways > February Full Moon

February offers us a rare opportunity to consciously work with the incoming energies to positively manifest change and transformation both within ourselves and in our lives.

In these times of great change, we are being blessed with new energy which is replenishing our life force and generating a process of deep healing. Currently, the energy coming through is cleansing and reactivating the light channels in our body and burning through any blockages.

Every cell within our body holds information in the form of energy. This energy contains the memories of all our life experiences as well as ancestral memory and the essence of our soul.

This February our journey of awakening, healing and growth is dramatically accelerated by the activation of the 2222 gateway. There are four points of activation this month with the second being today the 11th.

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