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This weekend we have the final Full Moon of 2021. The light of this Full Moon will lead us into the Solstice gateway and bring us into full alignment with the Galactic Centre. 

We have all experienced the rebirth of our soul in each human incarnation. Over and over again we have released one human form and have been reborn into another all in the name of healing, growth and soul evolution.

As we stand at this point in our evolution we are embarking on a new cycle, a new journey, which is bringing into balance the prevailing forces of creation. With this balance the feminine and masculine...

December is always a month of transition as the energies, shifts and changes of the past year intermingle with the incoming energies of the New Year. However, this December brings us to the end of a very long...

With the opening of yesterday’s 12:12 portal a greater influx of light is flooding the planet and accelerating our process of rebirth. This energy is powerfully activating and awakening our light body...

Spirit Pathways > 12:12 Portal

During this year each experience, challenge, transition, and transformation has pushed us to cleanse, clear and purge ourselves of the old while preparing for the profound rebirth that is now upon us. 

As we move towards the weekend and the 12:12 portal the incoming energies are initiating deeper shifts and bringing greater healing. As a result, our rebirthing process is being amplified increasing the rate of our contraction and expansion.

Currently, there are powerful cosmic forces at play that will guarantee that the next few weeks will energetically stormy. The energies are volatile, fast, and unpredictable as the very fabric of our material world is dissolving.

With last week’s Eclipse we reached a turning point in our transition from one level of consciousness and into the next. The energies being felt now are like nothing we have experienced before and signify that huge evolutionary change is upon us.

Spirit Pathways > Purification

With this past weekend’s Solar Eclipse, we have reached a critical time in our journey where another layer of the energies, structures and patterns of the past is being cleared. 

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