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For most of this year we have been held within a cycle of incredible healing, growth, and transformation. Evolutionary change has been the focus and as a result, both our collective and personal transformation has become more urgent.

The month of November brings an element of contemplation as we are encouraged to continue to let go and surrender into change. The awareness we have gained thus far has brought a deeper understanding of our personal responsibility and the constructive actions...

Collectively and individually, we are moving from one state of consciousness and into another. A consciousness that is unknown and unmapped. A consciousness where all potential and possibility exists.

October was a month of deep internal shifts which prepared us for the transformative power of November. The shifts we experienced brought greater inner expansion and the awareness needed to really master our reality.

Spirit Pathways > Love & Wisdom

October has been a month of major cosmic shifts and changes which has brought a greater intensity to our process of awakening and healing. In these last few days of October, we are resolving and integrating all that we have uncovered and processed during the month.

Spirit Pathways > Pause & Observe

In this time, we are returning to our natural state of connection with the deeper aspects of ourselves and our soul. It is a powerful time in our evolutionary process where we are urged to heed the call for transformation.

This is a time of unquestionable change, transformation, and deep inner growth where we are establishing within us a profound inner strength and power. The energies are creating a vibratory dynamic that will continue to infuse our entire existence and empower us to awaken...

Our processes of awakening, healing and growth have greatly accelerated this year and a deeper understanding of what is required to change has emerged. In this final week of October, we are preparing for even more expansion which begins with the Eclipse season in November. 

The energy of this year has and continues to offer us one alchemical moment after another as the magic of transformation merges with the power of creation. Within this time, we have been urged to dive deeply into the mysteries of our soul...

In these profound times we are urged to seek self-mastery and inner security which allows us to fully express our soul in the world without fear of rejection or judgement. When we focus on healing and integrating the wounds of the past we build inner strength...

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