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Spirit Pathways > Be Patient

This month fresh new energy is being breathed into our world clearing out the old and bringing a renewed sense of inspiration and creativity. Sudden realisations and revelations will arise that may disrupt our plans and divert our course.

The call to awaken, heal and transform is persistent and demands that we confront those aspects within ourselves that keep us limited and out of alignment with our soul.  At present there is an intensity to our experience which is challenging old programming...

This month we can gain a deeper understanding of the changes occurring in our lives. The incoming energies are supportive and encouraging us to focus on the form and structure our life needs to take now.

In February an abundance of energy will be available to accelerate our processes and rebalance our entire energetic system. Currently with solar activity intensifying there is an influx of light energy flooding the planet which we need to absorb and integrate. 

From the start of 2022 we have been encouraged to reflect and contemplate our lives, redefine our priorities and consider the choices and changes we must now make.

Spirit Pathways > Mercury Direct

Mercury shifts out of retrograde today bringing to an end three weeks of internal reflection. With this shift a new or revised direction for our lives begins to arise giving us some clarity and perspective on the form our life is now taking.

With today’s 2222 energetic portal activation we step into a powerful point of potential which will electrify the evolutionary energies bringing the drive and determination we need now.

As we step into February the energies shift and we can expect to feel a renewed sense of inspiration and creativity. The energies this month will accelerate to clear any confusion and bring greater clarity on the many opportunities that are available to us now.

Spirit Pathways > Transmutation

Solar activity increased dramatically over the weekend bringing a powerful wave of transmutation flooding across the planet. This energy is preparing us for tomorrows New Moon and the activation of the 2222 portal which opens on Tuesday.  

Collectively we are moving through a seemingly chaotic and turbulent evolutionary process which is birthing a new paradigm within our world.  This new paradigm is triggering the breakdown and dissolution of the old structures...

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