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Spirit Pathways > Energy Report for April 2011

As April begins an explosion of fire energy floods in as the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are all in the astrological sign of Aries.  Aries, a fire sign, is primarily Masculine in its energy.  As such it relates to the expression of your will and your desire to express and explore your individual self through your physical experience.  At this phase of your evolutionary growth and development you can now move swiftly forward consciously utilising the fire energy to demolish any old, outdated and limiting patterns, behaviours and ideals and create a new consciousness based on the virtues of compassion, forgiveness and love.

The energy of February certainly held its ups and downs and thankfully as we move into March we can start to welcome in a new state of consciousness.  The energy of March is most often passionate and action orientated as we move towards a new astrological year and the Spring/Autumn Equinox.  However the focus of March 2011 will be more about compassion than passion and how we bring that into action.

Spirit Pathways > Energy Report for February 2011

As we move into February an abundance of energy becomes available to us to shift and accelerate our personal growth, development and evolution.  During this time of renewal, change and new beginnings fresh energy is being breathed into our world, clearing out the old and stale and bringing a renewed sense of inspiration and the resulting new opportunities.

Spirit Pathways > 2011 The Year of Divine Wisdom and Love

2011 will see tremendous shifts and changes.  All that we have healed, released, realised and understood during 2010 will bring a surge of high energy into the first half of 2011.  Shifts will continue to occur within the collective consciousness bringing new beginnings that will become swiftly stable.  This will enable us to effectively cope with the consequences of our past choices, on both a collective and individual level, encouraging us to make the necessary changes and choices that will bring about a new balance.

Spirit Pathways > Energy Report December 2010

December is shaping up to be a key point in our process of ascension and our ability to manifest Unity Consciousness.  December holds links to the energy of the 3:3:3 Stargate of March 2010.  In March we reached a turning point in our journey of healing where it became essential that we construct the concept of Unity Consciousness into something real and solid within our experience.

Spirit Pathways > Energy Report - November 2010

As we move into November a number of significant shifts will occur.  The first is a shift within the Mayan Calendar, the dawn of the Seventh Day of the Galactic Underworld, beginning on the 3rd November.  With this dawn we enter into a year-long period during which our ego-driven dominance will begin to disintegrate, making it possible for us to actively follow the guidance of our hearts and intuition, bringing us ever closer to Unity Consciousness.

Spirit Pathways > Full Moon October 2010

This week the energies of the Full Moon will see us shifting and integrating many of the darker, shadowy aspects of ourselves. In this period it becomes essential to heighten your awareness around the energies moving within and find ways to integrate them. At this stage of your growth it is crucial that you integrate the shadowy aspects of yourself, thus recognising that they are in fact rejected and wounded aspects of you. With this awareness you will no longer find it necessary to project them onto others.

Spirit Pathways > Energy Report for August 2010

August finds us constantly entwined with the energies created by the huge planetary line up that began in June 2010. (For more information see Energy Report for June 2010).  August may prove, astrologically, to be the most intense time of the whole year and it will be during the first two weeks of August that we shall experience the powerful effects of a planetary configuration that will centre on the Cardinal Grand Cross on the 7th August.

Spirit Pathways > Energy Report for July 2010

After the powerful planetary alignments of June the beginning of July finds us at across road. The alignments of last month created a tremendous force for change with the climax occurring with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 26th June. The energy created an opportunity for us to begin recognising where our life is out of balance and the chance to begin reforming our ways of living.

We ended April with the intense energies of a Scorpio Full Moon on the 28th, enabling us to unearth the secret keys that will set us free from past restrictions, limitations and boundaries. This Full Moon created a gateway to mystery and transformation through which change becomes possible. You may feel both challenged and energised by these intense energies. You are urged to take special care and utilise the energy to become more productive and more consciously involved in your life.

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