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Spirit Pathways > Provoking Change

We are moving through a time of cleansing and renewal as the energy of the Earth increases and expands affecting all of life within the planet. As a result, everything that can be challenged is being challenged and every facet of life on Earth is being compelled to change.

We are still in this mystical space between the old and the new which requires a profound willingness to let go of the past and any attachments we have to future outcomes. Currently, we are being urged to dive deeply into this space...

Soul embodiment is the ultimate purpose of this time. The physical vehicle is the container of our soul and when the soul begins to anchor within the body everything shifts. Our energy field expands elevating our thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

Spirit Pathways > Full Moon

It seems that with each New Moon and Full Moon we rebirth some aspect of ourselves and realign in a deeper way with our soul. This continual rebirthing is exhausting as we navigate the abrupt changes and radical shifts that ensue.

In these times of intense transformation, dramatic change is required and radical creativity and innovation are being demanded. As a result, feelings of fear, stress and anxiety are being amplified.

Spirit Pathways > Self Awareness

The great shift in consciousness is well underway and as our consciousness continues to awaken and expand it becomes more and more challenging to exist within an old reality.

In these times of transformation, we are coming to recognise that everything changes.  What we have known to be true shifts as our perspective expands and we begin to understand the deeper meaning that lies behind our experiences...

This week we continue to process and integrate the powerful energies of the Lion’s Gate in preparation for the Full Moon this coming weekend.  As we process and integrate the energies, they ignite within us a new level of alignment where our physical reality is brought into union...

As we leave the intensity of the Lion’s Gate portal we enter into a new cycle of awakening, healing and growth, which has the potential to rapidly and dramatically change our lives.

Today we come to the close of this year’s Lion’s Gate portal which opened on the 26th of July and ushered in some powerful waves of cosmic energy. The transformative power of this energy is moving into every facet of our lives and will leave nothing unchanged.

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