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The energy has certainly been moving and opening our Hearts. I have found that recently I am opening my Heart to me....what is it that I need and want to make me happy here on Earth, not what is it that everyone else needs from me.

Starchild Global > The "Big Disconnect" and the Earth Changes

Well, here I am home again. Although home is not where it used to be! I am now in a new home, having moved just after my return from Russia. I am very happy in my new space, with views of the mountains and the ocean, and surrounded by trees and garden. It is a very "New Earth" setting, and it happened so fast. In just a month, I found the new place, packed boxes, did a trip to Russia, and then moved and am now unpacking boxes....whew!!!

Welcome to the first Earth Log of 2009! It promises to be a very "light-filled" year, with many deep and fundamental changes in the way that we think. And that means all of us, not just the "unenlightened" ones out there, but us too. We are all being forced to examine how and what we think and feel, as many long cherished illusions begin to hit the speed!

Marielle Croft has some valuable advice for the Solstice period that we are now entering, and also the first part of 2009. It seems that this will be a "go slow" period when we will be consolidating after the huge shifts and transformations of 2008.

Leaving Western Canada, I travelled across the country by air to arrive in Toronto, on the eastern side of Canada. Canada certainly is a very big country, and the east is very different to the west. Being in the Rockies and the National Parks is like being in Paradise, with the Mountains, the Forests and the Rivers and Lakes. The Eastern part of the country is

Message One: "The Blue Moon Stargate": The Hathors through Celia Fenn.

This Full Moon that you are about to experience presents a very special opportunity for you at this time. This will be explained to you fully in the next message, by Archangel Michael, but we wish only to share with you the very special energies of this time.

I have had the feeling for about week that there would be an event that would create large scale negative energy on the planet. I could feel the energy gathering in the Collective, and I hoped that I was not right. But, the events in India have come at a time when the Light on the Planet is rising and the Collective is moving into Higher Consciousness and the expression of Oneness. So the question would seem to be, why now, when we have been feeling this lifting into the Light and the sense of achievement.

Starchild Global > Creative Peace or Anger and Despair?

Yesterday I had to write something for the work that I am going to be doing in Toronto, in Canada, in August of this year. Here some of what I wrote:

"Peace is not just

Today is the day celebrated by the Christian church in the memory of the Resurrection of Jesus, from the state known as "death" to the life of Spirit.
So, here we are in December! With the powerful alignments and energies that are around right now, I had expected to be feeling the turbulence. But, I find that I am feeling immensely peaceful and calm, it is, as Archangel Michael says, as if we have moved into the Heart of Light.


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