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Thank you to all the loving and supportive people who wrote in response to my post about the whales that beached on our coast here in Cape Town. It was indeed heart warming for me to know that there were so many people who were moved to expressions of their heart's connection with our Cetacean friends and with the Planet itself.

And thank you for all those who sent messages for me.

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At this time, as we move through this incredible time of Shift and Change, it may seem to many of us that everything is standing still and nothing is actually moving forward. This is because the changes are being experienced primarily on the Inner Levels and within the Geometric Grids and Matrixes that are the structures of that which we call "Reality". We are moving inexorably into that New Earth Reality and that new set of Grids called the "Sacred Rose" that will express and reflect the immense power of Divine Twin Flame Love within this new Multi-dimensional reality into which we are now transitioning.
When I created the page for the music of "Become, Become" for the last log, I used this image of a whale that I took about a year ago, here in Cape Town:
At the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse last night, we were given the new energetic "codes" for making the reconnection with the Elemental energies on the Paradise Grid. I must admit that I felt the energies in a powerful but wonderful way.
Yes, it is that day again....the day associated with Romantic Love. Usually I enjoy all the red hearts and roses, but this year something seems very different about the energy. The shops are still selling all the usual stuff, but it doesn't seem to reflect where we are right now. Since the two Eclipses and the activating of the Elemental codes, we have certainly been feeling the energy of the Elementals on the Planet.
As promised, I will be sharing some of my experfiences of Lake Louise in preparation for the World Congress on Illumination that commences today. I will probably be working very hard with the group in the next few days, as we anchor the Archetypes for the Peace and Abundance for the New Earth
We are indeed living in strong and miraculous times. Everything is changing and nothing seems to work out the way that we expect it to. The old patterns are falling away and the new are emerging. This is most clear in the days that lead up to the American election and the question of whether the new energy and ideas will allow for the establishment of a new kind of governance in the USA.
Well, here I am back home again. It is good to be back in Africa, even with all its problems and issues. I am still coping with jet lag, which means I get to go to sleep at about 2 am and I wake up at 10 in the morning. It's ok, but I hope that my body will soon return to its
Well, this has been a really deep time. When Archangel Michael mentioned that the Cancer New Moon energy would give us the opportunity to really move into the depths of our being and confront the basis of
I am still getting mails from people in the USA who are euphoric about the election of Barack Obama as the next USA president. And why not, it was a good choice and I think we can allow the Americans to feel self-congratulatory about the good choice that they have made this time round.


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