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Jennifer Hoffman

Jennifer Hoffman > December 2020 Energy Report

It’s a month that opens with a lunar eclipse so you know there’s going to be action. This one repeats one we had in May 2002 and I believe that it’s significant because it ends the cycle that began with events in 2001.

Brenda Hoffman

Brenda Hoffman > Allow Them to Bloom

Your need to be surrounded by love is becoming stronger daily. Not because you are necessarily lonely, but instead, that your love needs have expanded, as has your new dimensional status.

Ronna Herman Vezane

Ronna Herman Vezane > Are You a Starseed Light Upon the Path?

Beloved masters, long, long ago, those brave Souls who would later come forth as StarSeed Wayshowers for the Ascension of humanity and the Earth agreed to take on a special role on the Planet Earth sometime in the far distant future.

Kate Spreckley

The energies of this year have been intensely powerful, purposeful and seemingly continuous. In our modern cultures rites of passage are not always consciously undertaken and therefore planetary alignments...

Emmanuel Dagher

This new month of December is bringing with it immense internal and external expansion for each of us. Of course a highly active time of expansion can bring up emotional resistance, because the mind feels it is being stretched beyond its comfort zone.

Sarah-Jane Grace

As we prepare to step from one year to the next, there is a sense of a plethora of chaotic energies, thoughts, ideas and beliefs all crashing into each other causing explosions and implosions on every level of our souls.

Jamye Price

Jamye Price > December 2020 Ascension Energies – Unconditional Love

As 2020 winds down, December brings a focus to permeating the year (past and future) with a ripple of Unconditional Love, bridging the old and new with a strength, determination and quiet grace that embraces change.

Kate Spreckley

Change is occurring and to withstand the external chaos created by this change we must connect with our inner world, the world of our soul. When we do so we come to understand that our consciousness is continually expanding beyond the confines of time and space...

Nancy Leilah Ward

Nancy Leilah Ward > Violet Light Within and Without

Violet flames of transformation are flowing from the Earth’s core. Flowing up through channels alive with life giving frequencies for Earth. These channels lead to energy centers and sacred sites that once were groves of trees, pools of spring fed waters...

Ann Albers

Today the angels give us a little 5D exercise to help us practice focusing on that which resonates, so we can attract more. I'll share some tips to help you understand and practice this as well.


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